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Season 2023, Ep. 180
If you like my podcasts and blogs, support me by going to: April I am going to do a bucket list trip from South Carolina to Alaska. I am trying to decide if I should go by train to Seattle and catch the ferry, or drive across America to Seattle and put my vehicle on the Ferry to Alaska. I would like to do the latter. However, I am going to have to get a new vehicle to do that with. I have thought about getting a small traveling van to drive in, but have you priced the costs of these vans and how many miles on one them? Van Prices - Outrages:, I will have to see what I can do. The ferry ride is a five day journey, you do not stop in Canada. I have put a link on the ferry below. So, today I am taking some time to plan the trip.Alaska Highway Ferry: Camera: If you vlog, I would really like to know what kind of camera system you are using. Now remember, I am old. So the make it simple for me. This is the one I am looking at. needs to have a bucket list that includes travel. And don't e afraid to travel alone. You meet all kinds of different and interesting people along the way. I love hearing the stories of these people as we travel together, people you don't even know. However, you get to know people very well as you travel across this great nation. Now I have another bucket list and that is to visit all 50 states. 16 states to go.If you would like to schedule a 60 minute business consultation with me, go to:


Season 2023, Ep. 178
We are seeing the unethical act of wokeness that is driving unethical actions in businesses, churches and schools. This has got to end. Politics is never ethical. Political agenda's through wokeness is never ethical. We need to start teaching more about ethics, and board of directors have got to examine their ethics rules within their organizations. Politics should not be allowed one inch within organizations. Their decisions on how they are going to run their business or cancel out others though social wokeness, must end. It should no longer be tolerated. The more woke the entity, the more unethical behavior.Ethics is the ability to make decision on what is right or wrong in our human conduct. This is the belief that moral principles is vital in our every day lives. Businesses must start focusing on their ethics and eliminate politics, wokeness, from their operations. Conflict, from unethical actions, is very expensive and can destroy companies from within. I encourage all leaders to review their policies on ethics in the workplace. And government, you had better start holding those accountable that do not practice good ethical behavior.If you like my podcasts, please follow and subscribe by going to: you would like to sit down with me for a 60 minute session to go over business issues or conflicts, schedule an appointment at: http://www.lodge-co.comHave a business question, send it to