The Assurance Podcast


You Have To Be A Lion with Your Uncle Garry

Season 2, Ep. 7
Juba finishes off the Assurance Podcast series with a bonus episode and is joined by Your Uncle Garry, a DJ, sound designer, digital artist and cultural curator from Kwa-Zulu-Natal in South Africa who is currently based in Johannesburg.Juba kicked off the series with with Namibian DJ Gina Jeaz who is based in Cape Town for an episode that compared her experiences in South Africa to Zambia as a migrant to SA and now Juba is revisiting South Africa to get a perspective on society and music scenes from a South African DJ. In 'You Have To Be A Lion', Your Uncle Garry and Juba discuss the contrast between the harshness of South African society, particularly for women and members of the LGBTQ community, with the beauty and excitement of life there. They explore xenophobia and racial/economic inequality, plus more and look into music hubs like Johannesburg & Durban. Your Uncle Garry also talks about respect for femme DJs, amplifying the voices and archiving the work of black women, existing outside of binaries and why she only plays music by women.Check out Your Uncle Garry's suggestions for individuals and collective that are championing women and LGBTQ 's voices in South AfricaP_ssy Party, The Rainbow Social by Land Wille, Spoken PriestessThis podcast is sponsored by adidas and Zalando as part of their #stepintoyoucampaign, which is all about empowerment and confidently taking up space.Music: Badsista - Esperando O Verao (Original Mix)