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Respect Your Elders with Risa Taniguchi

For the final episode in the Assurance Podcast series titled 'Respect Your  Elders', Juba is joined by Risa Taniguchi, a DJ, Producer and classically trained musician from Tokyo in Japan.

Throughout their fascinating conversation, they discuss Japan's monoracial society, obedience and the culture of seniority and how these impact Tokyo's music scene. They also discuss beauty standards for Japan's female DJ, challenging norms and how the pressures of motherhood shape the dancefloor, plus much more.

Check out Risa's suggestions for organisations that are supporting women in music in Japan:  

Women In Music Japan

This podcast is sponsored by adidas and Zalando as part of their #shareherpower campaign, which is all about camaraderie over competition and women empowering women.

Music: Badsista - Esperando O Verao (Original Mix)

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