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Future AI ‘drone wars’ alert from Elon Musk

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Artificial intelligence-powered “drone wars” sounds like a Star Wars instalment - but now Elon Musk is warning about the very real risk being deployed by on battlefields of the future. Corporate crash and burn for Branson’s Virgin Orbit space firm. The woman who feels no pain. Rare ghost orchid on show in London - with Arnau Ribera Tort, botanical horticulturist at Kew Gardens.

Also in this episode:

  • Netflix crackdown on password sharing begins
  • Male video game characters get 50% more dialogue than women
  • Amazon’s Alexa to offer better advice on periods
  • Thank crunchie it’s sun-day...awesome close-up honeycomb solar pics.

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  • Online Safety Bill: UK government clashes with Meta

    The controversial Online Safety Bill is finally to become law after years of delay as the Home Secretary urges Meta not to ‘go dark’ on detecting child abuse with encryption.Meanwhile, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak faces backlash over weakening key green policies.Fortnite players - and parents of - could you be entitled to compensation? Also in this episode:Google DeepMind AI speeds up search for disease genesIndia’s solar probe completes key final manoeuvre around Earth as it slingshots towards Sun Bats finally get some good PR as they could hold key to saving millions of livesWhat to expect from Microsoft’s ‘special’ Surface and AI event Survey finds Brits believe London will be the first car-free city in the world by 2050
  • YouTube blocks monetisation of Russell Brand’s channel

    YouTube has suspended the monetisation of Russell Brand’s YouTube channel following allegations made against the comedian and presenter. Would you pay for Twitter? Elon Musk says X could go behind paywall. Incurable dog disease on the rise and now three humans have caught itAlso in this episode:One in ten in Japan over the age of 80 for the first time everEurope’s major robotics competition sees teams competing live in Milton Keynes Microsoft’s new disc-less Xbox Series X design with a new ‘immersive’ controllerStudy suggests exercising between 7am and 9am may be key for weight managementAge UK analysis finds many older people unable to use the internet safely or successfullyThe Scottish amateur football team taking on Elon Musk
  • BBC, ITV, Channel 4 & 5’s new smart TV platform

    ‘Freely’, the free TV service will combine live schedules from public service broadcasters into one platform that will be available next year.We hear from Barry Bogin, Emeritus Professor in Anthropology biology at Loughborough University, about his review showing children need love, hope and happiness to grow.Plus, IOS17 launches and Tim Cook insists Vision Pro is on track for release. Also in this episode:Study finds women are less likely than men to receive CPR from strangersCoalition calls on tech platform chiefs to ensure services are safe for childrenScientists say zombie ant parasite is ‘even more cunning’ than previously thoughtStudy finds living in zoos outside their natural environment may disrupt pandas
  • Nasa boss says he believes in aliens

    Nasa boss, Senator Bill Nelson, has said he personally believes in aliens. It comes as the space agency announces its landmark report findings into Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAPs) - also known commonly as UFOs.Nintendo Direct 2023: Peach gets a Barbie-like transformation in the upcoming Princess Peach: Showtime game.Release date announced for second part of Final Fantasy 7 remake revealed at PlayStation State of Play event.Also in this episode:Study suggests cardiac arrest patients had perception, dreams or memories.World’s first known dog-fox hybrid discovered in Brazil after being hit by carGold particles that trick tumours into ‘self-destruct mode’ annihilate most aggressive form of cancerUK butterfly numbers at highest level since 2019Robots made from dead spiders and ‘smart toilets’ among winners of this year’s Ig Nobel awardsFollow us on Twitter or on Threads. 
  • Top UK UFO expert’s verdict on Mexican ‘alien corpses’

    The UK’s top UFO expert, Nick Pope, gives his verdict on the viral Mexican ‘alien corpses’ claims.We speak to British endurance athlete, Lewis Pugh, after he just finished a 315-mile swim along the Hudson in New York with the aim to highlight river healthTech leaders agree on Artificial Intelligence regulation but remain divided on how in a Washington forum.Also in this episode:Olivia Rodrigo and Liverpool FC join WhatsApp as Channels feature launchesBacklash after Virgin Galactic carries human ancestor remains to space: ‘This is not science’The science behind why your dog knows where you keep the treats‘World’s largest movie screen’ revealed by filmmaker Darren Aronofsky 
  • Apple iPhone 15: All you need to know

    The Evening Standard’s David Phelan shares everything you need to know about the new iPhone 15 line-up and watch models from Apple HQ in California. MPs look into making the UK an astronomical superpower. A respiratory health device - that could help up to 3.9 million Brits - is named the UK winner of the James Dyson Award.Also in this episode:Nintendo to wind down Mario Kart Tour mobile gameStudy finds inflammatory signs for teenage depression differ between boys and girlsFossil tracks in South Africa may be oldest evidence yet of humans wearing footwearOld robot dogs need forever homes too
  • Nasa says exoplanet has ‘signs of life’

    Nasa has revealed that a distant exoplanet could have ‘signs of life’. The space agency says that carbon dioxide and methane have been detected in the atmosphere of exoplanet K2-18 b - which is more than eight times the size of Earth.Invasive red fire ants with painful bites spotted in Europe. Plus, we hear about the Loughborough University student’s device that detects rugby concussions in just 10 seconds.Also in this episode:Latest on MGM International resorts 'cyber incident'Death of scientist who led team which cloned Dolly the sheepExperts warn of e-waste issues over iPhone charging port switchCOPD cure could come from transplanting patient’s own lung cellsJackdaws ditch friends to gain food but stick with familySpotify denies ‘30-second trick’ could make you richFollow us on social media #TechScienceDaily
  • Apple event 2023: Expect airpods, a new iPhone 15, and perhaps more

    The iPhone 15’s incremental changes, no folding phones, and will we see more of the Vision Pro headset? Meta’s stocking up on chips to train its AI chatbot. Was September’s seven-day heatwave due to climate change? Why Tim Burton’s not happy with AI-generated art. In this episode:Our Tech Reporter Saqib Shah on the Apple Event 2023Met Office Meteorologist Alex Burkill explains September’s record heatwaveBMW to make new electric mini in UKMaritime sector calls for £2bn to decarbonise ‘world-leading’ industryExeter centre enabling switch from diesel enginesTim Burton hits out at AI-generated artFollow us on Twitter or on Threads.
  • Online Safety Bill, encryption & you

    Ministers suggest Online Safety Bill measures can safeguard children and fight crime while also ensuring encryption messaging privacy, but they’re betting on future tech to be invented - analysis with Index on Censorship’s Nik Williams. Treating video games addiction, with gaming disorder therapist Jeremy Edge, who runs Dallas-based Also in this episode:Good manners online matter, says Headspace psychologist Dr Sophie MortIs your home under a UFO hotspot?Pink’s Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon brain test artAre pigs electric...Bavaria’s radioactive wild boars