Team Super Dad with Jonnie Jensen

Team Super Dad is a podcast for Dads who want more - to be more, make more and play more. My name is Jonnie Jensen and I created Team Super Dad after my own life experiences left me demanding “I want more from life than this!”. There is no Dad manual but there are successful Dads we can learn from. To shortcut our success, avoid mistakes and have more fun. 

Some Dads have great businesses but are divorced. Others are super fit but financially weak. All of us want to have more fun. Team Super Dad supercharges Dads to live their best life ever. To be more, make more and play more. We do this through the F5 - Focus, Fitness, Finance, Family and Fun. 

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Jonnie Jensen

My drive and desire to create Team Super Dad came whilst dealing with my own breakup and breakdown. It took too long to move on. I made mistakes and I do not want that for other Dad's or their children. It took me 4 years to work it out. Thanks to that experience I had the vision to create Team Super Dad; a programme and community for Dad's rebuilding after divorce, separation or loss. And now it is happening! It is time to get back in the Zone and live your best life ever.