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Massive Success is Better Than Revenge

Season 4, Ep. 3
The best revenge is MASSIVE SUCCESS.I wrote this post earlier in the week and on today's show going to talk about SUCCESS vs REVENGE.Welcome to the Team Super Dad weekender. Join live in the comments or give me a #REPLAY if watching later.Subscribe and share this with anyone you think needs to hear it.Revenge. Not the healthiest of intentions....unless it becomes your motivation.When you put your focus on revenge, you lose control of yourself. It becomes a desperate project, like "if I dont succeed I cant progress".YOUR SUCCESS though is free from what the other person thinks, cares or did. Be clear about the success you want. Make it about you.When they see your success it will probably piss them off and that should be revenge enough!It doesnt have to be about money or material things. Success could be a life without the drama of that person in your life.Success could be a happy new relationship.Success could be a change in lifestyle that results in you seeing your children more. Success could be a new business that you would never have started if you hadnt lost the other one.Massive success is the gift you give yourself.... New opportunities. New connections and friends. New experiences. Financial freedom. Choice. Independance Self belief and confidence. It's attractive to others. Improved health Freedom from the bullshitWhat is the massive success you deserve?Join in the LIVE stream if you want to comment and feature in the next episode.Follow and subscribe if you are listening to the podcast or watching on YouTube,If you a busy Dad wanting to ditch the burnout and stress, so you can have success at home and work, then come on over to the Super Dad Club Dad coaching to create the life you deserve