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Team Super Dad is for modern Dads who want to be focussed, fit and financially free so they can live the life they desire, not the life they feel stuck in. It is not easy being a Dad but in Team Super Dad we make the jou

The BIG 5-0 - the Wrap Up hits 50

Season 3, Ep. 47
What have you done 50 times?!Something so good you kept on doing it?!Yes for the 50th time it is that time of the week. It's the Wrap Up.When I started the Team Super Dad podcast I wanted to do two types of shows. One that would inspire, lead and help men be the best Dad they could possibly be. Teaching them skills and tricks, which by the way I wanted to know also. I have done around 40 of those.The second type of podcast episode I wanted to do was something fun. Something dumb and silly to lighten the load and fill the air when you are on your own.Something like the kind of jokes and chat that happens in pubs or the changing room after a game. Men taking the piss and having a laugh as a way of bonding and getting through the day. These shows would be called the Wrap Up.Tonight on the Wrap Up myself @JonnieJensen and Glen @aDatingDad get together once again to discuss all things 50 related.As usual we have a running order but I doubt we will stick to it! Join us and celebrate the 50th episode. Please be sure to share, like and do whatever it takes to give more Dads the gift the Wrap Up.You are not alone. You're on Team Super Dad.Come and join an awesome community of modern Dads creating their best life ever... can watch and leave comments on the videos Live or the video replays...YouTube Out More About Team Super DadTeam Super Dad equips men to live with focus, energy and joy, so they can have success at home and work, and still be the Dad their family needs.Join the Team Super Dad community with a Dad Coach - Jonnie Jensen the Hero Academyhttps://join.teamsuperdad.comSubscribe to the podcast

How To Reinvent Yourself with Kuti Mack

Season 3, Ep. 46
Kuti Mack is a Dad like you and me. He had a successful career in the music industry but it just didn't fill him up. He knew he had more to give and that by helping others he would help himself become the man and Dad he truly wanted to be.Now a fitness expert, nutritionist and international speaker Kuti has successfully reinvented himself and is achieving the results he believed he could. What's more, he has a programme called the '6-Week Super You' so clearly Kuti and I are on the same wavelength.This conversation is going to motivate and inspire you to make the changes you want to see in your life and the life of others. Be brave. Be you. Make it happen.Come and join a community of like-minded Dads creating the life they desire. with Kuti MackWebsite: Super DadTeam Super Dad gives Dads the tools and confidence to live the life they desire, not the life they feel stuck with. We transform Dad's health, wealth and happiness so that they can feel great about themself, create more time with their family and enjoy life to the full.Find Out More About Team Super DadTeam Super Dad network - our free group with a Dad Coach - Jonnie Jensen the Hero Academy the Facebook group to the podcast