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  • Sustainable Kidney Care

    Listen to the first episode of the Talking Transplant podcast, where Dr Annemarie Weißenbacher (Austria) and Dr Mark Harber (UK) discuss the principles of sustainable healthcare for transplants and explore improvement opportunities in long-term sustainability of transplant care and empower the medical community to take action.For further information on sustainable kidney care, please visit Centre for Sustainable Healthcare and Sustainable Kidney Care Committee | The UK Kidney AssociationListened to the podcast? Let us know what you thought here: CXM - Takeda Talking Transplant feedback form ( information is accurate as of September 2022. This podcast is intended for HCPs outside of the USA. This podcast is initiated, organised and funded by Takeda. Speakers were paid an honorarium by Takeda for their participation. Copyright 2022 Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited. All rights reserved. Takeda and the Takeda logo are registered trademarks of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited. Date of prep: September 2022; VV-MEDMAT-72907; C-ANPROM/GB/MARI/0038; VV-MEDMAT-73823; C-ANPROM/GB/MARI/0036; C-ANPROM/GB/MARI/0040; C-ANPROM/GB/MARI/0041; C-ANPROM/GB/MARI/0039

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