Talkin' Tofu


Dave Poo Poos the Pea (Vegan Options at Buc-ee's)

Season 1, Ep. 131

This week on the show, we're talking about lunch at Le Botaniste in NYC and eating a ton of vegan snacks that we picked up at Buc-ee's!


The move Dave wants to watch is Glass Onion.

This week's To-Views was about The Menu.

Here's the episode with the news item about Veggie Grill's 4-in-1 location in NYC.

News Item: Swiss Court Rules Vegan Meat Labels Not 'Deceptive' To Shoppers

The kettle corn that Becky likes is Boom-Chicka-Pop.

The Buc-ee's items we tried were: spicy pickled Brussels sprouts, the cinnamon pecan and the pistachio Nutty Bites, dried mango, Beaver Nuggets.

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