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Ken Tomita

Ken is a passionate member of the entrepreneurial community in Portland,  Oregon committed to making work meaningful. He is CEO and Co-founder of Grovemade, a product design and manufacturing company specializing in the home workspace.



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Richard Petrie

Richard Petrie 6 Points Podcast "The 6 most costly mistakes designers make that stop them winning great projects and earning high fees"’s tip relates to Module 6 on the LCC. Key point: Are you getting paid for pre-design research? With the Low Commitment Consultation, you can systematically win clients before they hire an architect (eliminating all possible competition).Real World Example: Graham Irwin is the Principal of Essential Habitat Architecture based in California.Graham shares his pleasant surprise about selling his LCC. ‘Just had the 2nd client sign up for an LCC, aka “Project Planning Service.” Frankly, he seemed like he might be cheap, though he and his wife do want to do a renovation badly, so I was expecting he’d be scared off. ‘Instead, he got back to me and asked about the difference in the tiers of service. I really enjoyed being able to explain that they were intended to allow people who want to do more legwork to save some money or people who don’t have the time or inclination to have much of the work done for them. ‘A few days later, he’s in.’Benefits of the LCC: When you win an LCC client, which should be easier than winning a design client (because the commitment is infinitely smaller), they are five times more likely to make a second purchase of your design services than a non-client.Next steps: Review Module 6 on the LCC. PS: Watch my short video on pricing your architectural services in tiers.PPS: Follow us on Instagram @archmarketing and check out my reel on ‘Why Architects Should Sell Slow.’