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Table Manners with Jessie and Lennie Ware

S16 Ep 4: Matt Lucas

Season 16, Ep. 4

He’s the star of the iconic Little Britain, Bridesmaids, Come Fly With Me and soon to be seen on the big screen in Wonka. This week we have the one and only Matt Lucas joining us for dinner. Matt has recently written his first children’s book and with all his wonderful stories from growing up you can see where all the inspiration comes from! We discovered that he was given his first big break by Bob Mortimer, he's notorious for his very own Chicken Soup recipe (which takes him 36 hours!), his first flat deposit was paid for by a Creme Egg advert and the story of the real life 'Marjorie Dawes' from Weight Watchers is fabulous. Matt, next time you come round we promise to have a Viennetta on ice for you, but you’ve gotta bring the soup! Matt’s children’s musical novel ‘The Boy Who Slept Through Christmas’ is out now.

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  • 20. S16 Ep 20: Ross Kemp

    This week we have actor, presenter, and documentary maker Ross Kemp joining us for lunch at mums. He regales us with tales of bullets whizzing past his head, it being so hot in Afghanistan there was no need to heat the MRE (that’s Meal Ready to Eat, he loves an acronym…), the best chicken stew he’s ever eaten courtesy of an Amazonian tribe, getting D&V after being forced to eat raw chicken at gun point, eating live sea slugs, and surviving on squirrels alone in Alaska… But nothing can beat his mum’s Coq au Vin and Baked Alaska! I demand a part two for more tales from Ross. A delight! Ross will be presenting the new series of Bridge of Lies which returns to BBC One on 11th March.
  • 19. S16 Ep 19: Tommy Banks

    We have a Michelin star chef, star of Great British Menu, restauranteur and farmer Tommy Banks joining us this week. Mum was very anxious about her menu, but rustled up some delicious (and vegan!?) green spinach pancakes served with fried eggs, roasted tomatoes & butter beans. We heard how Tommy names all his cows alphabetically (a Jessie & Lennie coming up?), he gives a great pitch for watching cricket, his hatred for baked beans, cooking at festivals for naked customers, enjoying brie omelettes for breakfast and after winning ‘Best Sunday Roast’ at his pub, he has a bone to pick with Jessie from last weeks ep! Thank you Tommy, can’t wait to visit your farm and restaurants in Yorkshire soon!
  • 18. S16 Ep 18: Just The Two of Us

    It’s Valentines Day, so what better way to celebrate than with my favourite galentine, mum! Mum had already made all the food when sadly our guest had to to cancel, so waste not, want not we say! We had a delicious girls lunch and talked all about our favourite meals from growing up, thoroughly discussed our last suppers (mum couldn’t believe what I chose) and answered all your fabulous questions that were sent in. Join us for a very special episode, just the two of us! Happy Valentines!
  • 17. S16 Ep 17: Johannes Radebe

    Mum has waited a long time for this one... our very first Strictly guest and none other than the FABULOUS Johannes Radebe. We chatted all about his journey to becoming a dancing sensation, growing up in a Zulu family, his mums Chakalaka & how he’s eaten the same takeaway dish every day in London since 2021…. We ate Jamie’s Oliver pulled brisket chilli - with a whole lotta sides! Mum made a delicious ‘moist’ orange cake for pud. He took the half finished bottle of champagne in the taxi home with him and THAT is our kinda guest! Jojo heads out on tour this spring and you do not want to miss it… get your tickets for ‘House Of Jojo’ now x
  • 16. S16 Ep 16: Jacob Collier

    Brightening up our cold January with his fabulous colourful outfit and wonderful positivity was our next guest, musical prodigy Jacob Collier. Jacob and his magical ocarina joined us for dinner, and we learnt all about how he was discovered by Quincy Jones, his unusual rider choices (limoncello anyone?!) his mums legendary apple pie, and his week spent listening to the full Beatles back catalogue in lockdown. Thank you for popping round Jacob, you’re an absolute delight! Jacob’s new album Djesse Vol.4 is released globally on the 29th February. X
  • 15. S16 Ep 15: James O'Brien

    We’ve got radio supremo James O’Brien joining us this week, and mum hasn’t been this excited since she met Marcus Rashford last year. Despite the special occasion, mum had a corker of a culinary disaster which she salvaged in one of the best ways possible - plus we didn’t tell James on the day, and he’s only just finding out now, sorry James! Over dinner, James told us all the best stories, including how he signed up for boarding school purely to join their school play, his self confessed terrible job as a showbiz correspondent, interviewing Ian Brown the day after he was dumped, and we discovered he is a fellow Graecophile too, all the best people are! James’ best-seller book ‘How They Broke Britain’ is available to purchase now.
  • 14. S16 Ep 14: Jessie Buckley

    On our latest episode the absolutely wonderful Jessie Buckley joins us for lunch in the middle of promo for her new film Wicked Little Letters. Jessie zoomed round to mum’s on the back of a motorbike & Mum rustled up a rare Table Manners plate of pasta with prawns & tomatoes. We heard all Jessie’s fabulous stories about her colourful and loud household she grew up in, her wedding catering, drinking Twinkles with the stars at The Ivy at 18 years old old and she offers up a stellar last supper that includes oysters and giant chocolate buttons. The most brilliant actress and singer, we loved having the divine Jessie on. Jessie’s brand new film Wicked Little Letters is released in cinemas on the 23rd February.
  • 13. S16 Ep 13: Tom Odell

    This week on Table Manners we have one of the sweetest and kindest guests of all time, the glorious Tom Odell. Tom joined us for some lunch to talk about his upcoming new album Black Friday. I knocked up some cosy wintery vegetarian treats, and we found out all about his wedding, his new found cooking skills courtesy of his favourite Middle Eastern cookbook, his very specific ways to cook (and peel) an egg, and how he’s lost sleep planning his last supper! But boy did he make some good choices. Tom’s brand new album Black Friday is released globally on the 26th January.
  • 12. S16 Ep 12: Laura Whitmore and Iain Stirling

    Happy New Year!! We hope you’ve had a fabulous festive break, and now it’s time to dive in to 2024 as we deliver our first episode of the year! This week we welcome Laura Whitmore & Iain Stirling, who joined us for lunch at mum’s. Laura & Iain came to talk about food and also their brand new true crime podcast Murder They Wrote on BBC Sounds. We found out all about our shared loves (and it wasn’t true crime); mum & Iain both love haggis (yuk!), Laura & Iain would do anything for a dozen oysters covered in Tabasco sauce, Laura & I salute pineapple on a pizza, and we all also bonded over our adoration of friend of the show Kadiff Kirwan! Thanks Laura & Iain for being utterly delightful guests. Here’s to 2024 and an amazing year of podcasts to come!