Table Manners with Jessie and Lennie Ware

Jessie Ware hosts a podcast about food, family, and everything in between, with a bit of help from her chef extraordinaire mum Lennie. Each week guests from music, culture and politics drop by for a bite and a bit of a natter.

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  • 7. S16 Ep 7: Girls Aloud

    Don’t say we never spoil you listeners, because this is a biggie: Cheryl, Kimberley, Nadine & Nicola - Girls Aloud! They’re back & they’ve come round to New Cross to join me and mum for lunch. This episode is loud, exciting, chaotic, but mostly it’s just brilliant!We hear all about the exciting news of their new tour, what it was like living together when they first formed as a band (and forgetting to pay the utility bills), lovely stories about their beautiful bandmate, the late Sarah Harding, and to top it off quite an unbelievable story about microwaving bacon! We had so, so much fun with you girls, good luck with the tour, we’ll be there in the front row cheering you on. Girls Aloud have announced the ‘The Girls Aloud Show’ arena tour in May/June 2024, Tickets on sale Fri 1 Dec... all info at

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  • 6. S16 Ep 6: Princess Eugenie

    It’s a royally good week on Table Manners, we have our very first royal on the podcast; Princess Eugenie popped round for brunch! She was an absolute delight and we couldn’t wait to ask all about table manners in the royal household. We found out all about how she spends half the year living in Portugal, that she thinks she could win an Olympic Gold medal for sleeping, her love of tequila on the rocks, learning the art of small talk from her granny (The Queen), and how she navigated getting a job while being a member of the royal family, plus the revelation that she has never heard of an air fryer!! My new best mate ‘Euge’, we absolutely love you, and we can’t wait for another catch up again soon. Princess Eugenie is the Co-Founder of The Anti-Slavery Collective which has launched the second series of its podcast Floodlight. You can listen here
  • 5. S16 Ep 5: Ravinder Bhogal

    The wonderful, beautiful and generous chef & restauranteur Ravinder Bhogal brought us some absolutely delicious food when she came round for this weeks episode! As the owner of the fabulous Marylebone restaurant Jikoni, Ravinder’s Comfort & Joy delivery boxes got us through the never-ending lockdowns (Sam still says it’s his best home cooked meal ever!). She told us all about how she set up the restaurant, growing up in Kenya, how she started her career on Gordon Ramsey’s ‘F Word’ and that she’s known to hang out with Stanley Tucci & cook for Sir Paul McCartney. Ravinder’s Falooda cake is one of the most delicious things I’ve ever tried, potentially my new last supper pudding! All of the delicious treats Ravinder served up are from her brand new cook book ‘Comfort & Joy’.
  • 4. S16 Ep 4: Matt Lucas

    He’s the star of the iconic Little Britain, Bridesmaids, Come Fly With Me and soon to be seen on the big screen in Wonka. This week we have the one and only Matt Lucas joining us for dinner. Matt has recently written his first children’s book and with all his wonderful stories from growing up you can see where all the inspiration comes from! We discovered that he was given his first big break by Bob Mortimer, he's notorious for his very own Chicken Soup recipe (which takes him 36 hours!), his first flat deposit was paid for by a Creme Egg advert and the story of the real life 'Marjorie Dawes' from Weight Watchers is fabulous. Matt, next time you come round we promise to have a Viennetta on ice for you, but you’ve gotta bring the soup! Matt’s children’s musical novel ‘The Boy Who Slept Through Christmas’ is out now.
  • 3. S16 Ep 3: Ed Gamble

    Usually we ask what is on the menu, this week the question is what is ‘off' the menu! On one of the hottest days of the year, we adored having comedian, podcaster and all round mensch Ed Gamble round to mum's for lunch. Ed has mum’s absolute dream job (being a judge on Great British Menu) and he shared all the secrets from the filming, including how he once had to eat 8 desserts in one sitting! He told us how his favourite part of a meal is always the starter, the wonderful story of how he proposed to his wife (involving Godzilla!), his love of a Turkish kebab and his stint as an Ice Cream man to promote his new book. Apparently Ed gets tattoos to celebrate all the big moments in his life, time for a Table Manners tattoo Ed?! Ed’s new food memoir ‘Glutton’ is out now.
  • 2. S16 Ep 2: Zoe Ball

    Mamma Mia! Fresh from our fabulous month in Corfu filming 'Mamma Mia: I Have a Dream’, the one and only Zoe Ball joins us this week for a Greek Mezze inspired brunch. Zoe came straight from her early morning BBC Radio 2 show over to New Cross, laden with all sorts of delicious food. She confessed to us that she is a self proclaimed ‘terrible cook’, told us all about her star studded nights out in the 90s (pole dancing with Sheryl Crow being a favourite memory), the struggles of growing her own sprouts, how she wishes humans hibernated in the winter, and how she won ‘pig of the year’ at school for eating 19 spam fritters in one sitting! Zoe, you’re a true DELIGHT and we can’t wait to have you over again soon. 'Mamma Mia: I Have a Dream’ is on every Sunday on ITV1 and ITVX.
  • 1. S16 Ep 1: Miriam Margolyes

    We’re back! We’ve made it all the way to Series 16 and we’re bringing you a corker for our first episode in the shape of the iconic Miriam Margolyes! Never in the history of Table Manners have we had a guest with so much… wind…! Despite that, Miriam was a true delight, sharing stories of the food her mummy made her while growing up, where to find the best ice cream in Clapham, and the unbelievable revelation that she has never liked bagels as ’the hole is wasted bread’! Miriam is now my new best friend and I know you’re all incredibly jealous. She was a hoot along with 4 toots! Miriam’s new book ‘Oh Miriam’ is available to purchase everywhere now.