Stop and Search


Ash Sarkar

Ep. 56

Ash Sarkar is the Senior Editor at Novara Media and also teaches at the Sandberg Institute. Ash is a regular commentator on Newsnight, BBC Question Time and most news sites. In this very enlightening conversation Ash joins us to talk about the divisive nature of our drug laws and the impact on society - especially when it comes to BAME communities. You can follow Ash on twitter.

This episode was recorded in late 2019, but the themes of the conversation could not be more relevant...

Let's discuss stop and search powers and their insidious legacy. We have to talk about race relations to the police, media and government. And what can we do to make sure that communities who have been harmed by the war on drugs get a stake in the new legal industries for cannabis? Are politicians hypocritical on drug use?

We also have to thank Release for the use of their offices to record this very important episode.

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