Stop and Search

  • 74. Drug Policy Unfiltered - Live!

    This is an epic episode with some of the all-time great voices from international drug policy. Recorded live at the Cranstoun conference in Brighton in February 2023, the guests were all briefed to go beyond the usual scripts and be as honest as they could be... and they did not disappoint. This conversation was one of the most open that you're ever likely to hear. Featuring: Alex Stevens, Professor in Criminal Justice at the University of KentNiamh Eastwood, Executive Director, ReleaseKassandra Frederique, Executive Director, Drug Policy Alliance Danny Ahmed, Clinical Director, CranstounZoë Dodd, Co-organiser Toronto Overdose Prevention SocietyMegan Jones, Director, Cranstoun Thank you for all the work from the Cranstoun crew who put the event and conference on and enabled us to get this conversation recorded, and thank you to Stage One Audio and Visual LTD for all the work on the day. And of course, thank you to Peter Krykant for making this all happen. Special mention and praise to Nigel Brunsdon who provided all photography and images - as ever Nigel is a legend and you must check out his work via Instagram: @nigelbrunsdon and also nigelbrunsdon.comDisclaimer: All views expressed in this episode represent the individual only.
  • 73. Matt Hutchinson: Medicine, Comedy and Drug Policy

    On today's Stop and Search we're joined by Matt Hutchinson. He's a doctor specialising in Rheumatology and General Medicine, and also a comedian - what a combo! We have a very open and wide-ranging conversation about drug policy, medicine, addiction, the prescribing of pain medication, comedy, and so much more. We really do cover some bases in this chat. Matt is also performing at the Edinburgh Festival, so if you would like to see him in action then go to Assembly George Square Studios on the dates of Aug 2-14, and 16-27 - see his new show Hostile.We're going to be coming back to Matt as he has so much more to say - so thank you to him for such a wonderful chat! Find him on Twitter @Hutch_upSmall disclaimer, let's be honest and real, you know how it works: All views expressed by guests are their own and don't necessarily reflect that of Law Enforcement Action Partnership.
  • 72. Scottish Government Proposes Drug Law Reform!

    In this breaking news, emergency broadcast, special podcast, we'll be discussing the bold new moves by the Scottish government to reform their drug policies.We speak to retired Police Inspector Ian Andrew, and former Detective and author of The Ten Percent, Simon McLean - both of whom are LEAP UK and LEAP Scotland members. Both Ian and Simon have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to help these new proposals come about.So, what are we talking about here? Well, a new report recommends that Scotland decriminalises all drug possession, as well as safe consumption rooms, diamorphine assisted treatment, and drug checking services. This is also a step towards a conversation around legal regulation of all drugs.Hear from inside the circle, how this came about, how it's shaping up and crucially... how will the Westminster government react?
  • 71. Louise Marwood: Addiction, Recovery and the Stage

    Louise Marwood is an actress and comedian - you may recognise her from the British soap opera Emmerdale. In recent weeks Louise has bravely spoken out via the media about her own struggles with addiction, using her platform to help build the discussion around addiction and stigma... but Louise is now embarking on a new project! With her background in the arts and comedy, Louise will be putting on a one woman show titled: Rita Lynn: The Life Coach Who Wanted to Die - part autobiographical, part comedy, part drama, this stage production looks to start a deeper conversation around what it's like to be at "rock bottom". In this podcast episode we discuss this exciting new venture as well as some very personal insights from Louise's own life, and we also discuss the much-needed nuance around 'recovery' and what that actually means. At the time of broadcast of this podcast episode Louise is crowdfunding the stage show - please do support her with whatever you can via the Go Fund Me page. All kind donations go towards making the show bigger and better, and with a chance to tour! And tickets are already on sale! You can get tickets via the Rosemary Branch Theatre. Please do support and listen to Louise's words in this podcast - and share share share if you can! Let's have this big conversation around addiction and kick the stigma right out.
  • 70. Stig Abell

    A journalist, newspaper editor, radio presenter, author, Stig Abell has just about done it all in the world of media and journalism. In his book, How Britain Really Works, Stig writes about the many institutions of the UK and how policy making is not always what it's cut out to be. Having done a lot of work in prisons and the justice system, Stig has seen firsthand how we may want to make some changes to the way we currently work.Stig currently co-presents the Monday to Thursday breakfast show on Times Radio and has a new fiction book out called Death Under a Little Sky. In this podcast episode we cover a lot of ground, from Westminster, to prisons, from Fleet Street and the responsibility of journalists, to the way in which politics and the media crossover. And of course, drug policy.
  • 69. Judge Victoria Pratt: Transforming Criminal Justice

    Having served as the chief judge of the Newark Municipal Court, Judge Victoria Pratt is also professor at the Rutgers Newark School of Criminal Justice. Judge Pratt has a written a book called The Power of Dignity: Transforming Criminal Justice which delves into her work in and out of the courtroom. Having looked for alternatives to the criminal justice system for many years, Judge Pratt is an advocate of community solutions and going deeper than your average courtroom. Her TED talk, "How Judges Can Show Respect," has been viewed over thirty million times and is well worth a watch. In this podcast episode we speak about the many ways in which the justice system needs to change and how judges and police officers need a tangible link to their communities in order to understand the people in which they deal with. We also speak about the many pipelines to prison, and how people from BAME backgrounds are inherently at a disadvantage in the justice system... and of course addiction, we must speak about addiction.
  • 68. Shelby Hartman - Double Blind Magazine: The Psychedelic Future

    Shelby Hartman is the co-founder and CEO of the innovative publication Double Blind Magazine. Having written for numerous publications such as Vice, Huffington Post, Rolling Stone, Shelby and her partner Madison are now shaping how we view the emerging and exciting world of psychedelics via Double Blind Magazine. In this episode we talk about a the need for quality drug journalism, how the UK can learn from the US with the emerging psychedelic treatments around PTSD and trauma, what can the lessons of cannabis regulation teach us, and so much more! Find Shelby on twitter: @shelbyannehartAnd find Double Blind Magazine on your social media platforms, as well as the website:
  • 67. Tim Lovejoy

    Let's chat with TV presenter, broadcaster, and podcast legend, Tim Lovejoy. Tim has had an interesting journey with drug policy... like many, Tim believed in our drug laws, he had no need to investigate further. But after hosting a number of people on his own podcast, The Lovejoy Hour, such as Peter Bleksley, Neil Woods, Johann Hari, and our own Stop and Search host Jason Reed, Tim has had a complete transformation in his thinking and is now a big advocate from drug policy reform - he does all he can to help spread the message. In this episode of Stop and Search we talk about the role the media play in drug policy, as well as press 'scandals'. We also delve into mental health, addiction, and what more we can all do to help raise awareness to this big issue. Don't forget to like, share, subscribe and nice review wherever you can.
  • 66. Alastair Campbell

    He's a mental health advocate, author, criminal justice reform advocate, chart-topping podcaster, and of course the director of communications under Tony Blair's term as Prime Minister - Alastair Campbell barely needs an introduction. In this episode we go further with Alastair than he's ever gone before in giving his thoughts on failed drug policy and how the 'war on drugs' has caused harm across society. With Alastair's own personal tales of addiction, alongside his advocacy for mental health and criminal justice reform, Alastair is able to give a multifaceted perspective as to why he now looks at drug policy with different eyes. We also quiz Alastair on the influence and power of communications - how could we not?! There's a lot to unpick in the episode, such as drinking and drug use in Westminster, the story behind Labour's reclassification of cannabis, Norway's pioneering justice reforms, and so much more. Please subscribe, like, leave nice reviews, and all that lovely stuff. You know what to do, thank you!