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Episode 2 - Worldbuilder with Gregory Akerman

Season 1, Ep. 2

Worldbuilder is all about short-cutting fantasy world creation. No need to read a whole story, watch a whole film, play a whole game or go through a whole gaming sourcebook to explore a new world. No, just listen to us improvise it for twenty minutes

Steve is a comedian and nerd, and the founder of Bright Club, Science Showoff and many more series where clever people get to show off how funny they are. He also has a fine microphone collection. You can hear Steve on other podcasts like Chaotic Adequate, Live Laugh Lovecraft and the first episode of anything his friends make, because they know he'll do a decent job.

Greg can be found at

If you're liking what you hear, do drop me a few quid for new sound effects

The samples used in today's show are:

  Lake waves by Benboncan at 

  Boat Rowing by Juskiddink of the Freesound Project 

  Waves on shore by Luftrum- from 

  Pre thunderstorm by RHumphries from 

  Ocean Wide Stereo by 

  page flip by 

  wind blow in the trees by 

  Desert wind1 by ERH from 

  Soft Wind by George Vlad of Alchemy Audio Design 

  raven sound by 

  wind chimes by Patrick6410 from 

  Desert monolith by Proxima4 from 

  Eagle screech by Western 

Ambient eerie_dunk by Evilface38 

  Spinning Metal by 

  Static Delay by Jack Braglia [] 

  Creaking Metal by nebulousflynn from 

  Hammer by WIM - 

  Cutting something by adamlhumphreys on 

  Writing on paper with a pen by AldebaranCW from 

  Cake Pan Dropping by j1987 on 

  macbook typing by jaredpass24 from 

  Wall clock by michaelkoehler from 

And I found them all on

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