Steve Cross: The Podern Prometheus


Towards a Cultural Understanding of Derby with Leah Morgan

Season 1, Ep. 12

I'm joined by physicist, engineer, YouTuber, folk musician, morris dancer, chocolate lover and Derby product Leah Morgan to revisit our lives in the East Midlands' second city, taste delicious Derby bars from Greece, slag off US pronunciations and compare inuries.

Steve is a comedian and nerd, and the founder of Bright Club, Science Showoff and many more series where clever people get to show off how funny they are. He also has a fine microphone collection. You can hear Steve on other podcasts like Chaotic Adequate, Live Laugh Lovecraft and the first episode of anything his friends make, because they know he'll do a decent job. He can be found at

Leah can be found on YouTube at

The Derby Ram is a real song

So is the King of Rome

Nottingham Forest and Derby County are currently bottom and second-bottom of the Championship.

Leicester is not relevant.

Derby bars are available in the UK from Agora Greek Deliciacies

If you're liking what you hear, do drop me a few quid for new sound effects

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