Steve Cross: The Podern Prometheus


Episode 13 - World-leading Kinder Surprise expert Keith Kahn-Harris

I'm joined by writer, sociologist, Dad, Jew and metal fan Keith Kahn-Harris who has written a wonderful book that uses the warning messages in Kinder Surprise eggs as the start of a journey through language around the world. I didn't let him talk about his book and instead made him sample every Kinder, Nutella and Ferrero product I could find.

Steve is a comedian and nerd, and the founder of Bright Club, Science Showoff and many more series where clever people get to show off how funny they are. He also has a fine microphone collection. You can hear Steve on other podcasts like Chaotic Adequate, Live Laugh Lovecraft and the first episode of anything his friends make, because they know he'll do a decent job. He can be found at

Keith can be found at

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