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Catechism Class: LD24 Q63-64 Our Reward, and the Fruit of Gratitude

Season 3
Lord's Day 24 Q63-64 Our Reward, the Inevitability of Good Works in The Christian Life, - the Fruit of Gratitude

If our good works are worthless in the sight of God - like 'filthy rags' - why does God reward us for our good works? How is it that 'good works' are the criterion used by God on judgement day? And if good works cannot save, and if all Christian lives, even the best Christian lives, fall short, is it possible for a professing believer to live a careless, even sinful life? So, can there be such a thing as a 'gay Christian?'

We explore the role of 'thankfulness' in the believer's life, producing good fruit in response to what Christ has done for us.


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