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The Minor Prophets - Jonah

Season 4
The Minor Prophets - Jonah

Jonah has four chapters, and unlike many of the other prophets, it is mostly narrative. Jonah is ‘the son of Amittai’ who also was a prophet.

of course, when we speak of Jonah, the part of his story that comes to mind is that he was swallowed by a fish. "Jonah and the Whale" is a popular children's bedtime story...

Some people will ask, ‘How can a man be swallowed by a fish, survive inside it for three days, and then be spewed up unharmed onto dry land? This simply can’t be true, so the story must be a myth." In this podcast we look at Jonah, seek to understand why the book is an accurate account of God's dealings with the prophet, fish and all, and see the real message of the book, - that the opportunity to repent of sin and be forgiven extends to every nation, not just to the Hebrews. 

But Jonah’s not altogether on board with the message...

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