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Be Ye Holy...

In Ephesians 5:3-5, Paul illustrates, in very stark terms, the opposite of a godly life. He speaks of fornication, uncleanness and idolatry, and covetousness, all of which were typical of the pagan lifestyle of his day. But Christians are described here as SAINTS. Why would a 'saint' need to be warned against sin? That begs the question, "What exactly is a saint?"

This sermon was preached at Ballymacashon and at Templepatrick Reformed Church. It was recorded at TRC and is reproduced here with their kind permission.


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  • The Minor Prophets - Zachariah #7

    Zechariah’s Vision of a Redeemed Ministry Text.  Zechariah 13:4-6Zechariah talks about ministry in chapter 13.  He’s been referring to the time when redemption would be accomplished, when there would be a fountain opened up, so that sinners could be cleansed from their sins.  What a change that would make in ministry!  No longer would false ministers be tolerated in the true kingdom of God, in the body of Christ.  As he makes this point, Zechariah hints at what a redeemed ministry would look like in v4-6…Read the NOTES HERE.
  • The Minor Prophets - Habakkuk #2

    The Minor Prophets - Habakkuk #2Habakuk's Burden.Habakkuk was praying his way through very perilous days indeed. All of this turmoil was taking place in a nation that comprised the chosen people of God, and who find their ultimate fulfilment in the the New Israel, the church. That’s why this is SUCH an important book. It’s like history continually repeats itself, and the prayer and the answer to prayer of Habakkuk is our prayer too. In this study we look at Habakkuk’s approach to God in prayer, as recorded in God’s Word.Read the NOTES HERE
  • The Minor Prophets - Zechariah #6

    The Promise of Blessing!Text: Zechariah 12:10-13:2The Holy Spirit has begun his work, and the sinner is mourning over his sin, - Christ is revealed as the Saviour! Read the NOTES HEREThis message was recorded at Templepatrick Reformed Church, and is used here with their kind permission.
  • The Minor Prophets - Habakkuk Introduction

    Introduction to HabakkukRead: 2 Chronicles 36:1-21Habakkuk is an easy read. It’s an interesting, fascinating book, just three chapters, the story of a man who looks at his times and wonders where God is I the middle of all the chaos, sickness sin and death, who takes his troubles to the Lord. And finds an answer to his prayers; an answer that builds his faith, and gives him reason to rejoice in adversity. So, let’s try to summarise the book before we examine it in greater detail…read the NOTES HERE.
  • The Minor Prophets - Zechariah #05 (Remastered)

    True and False ShepherdsText: Zechariah 10:1-6But before Zechariah can continue on the theme of the coming king, he must firstly develop a number of important points.  He must call the people to prayer, and he must draw a distinction between true and false pastors!APOLOGIES - this recording is not best quality - sorry about the extreme echo.Read the NOTES HERE
  • The Minor Prophets - Nahum

    Nahum SurveyNahum Chapters 1-3The name Nahum means Consolation.  God was comforting his people, by reminding them that the enemies who would chasten them would one day themselves be chastened, and that their fate was doom laden indeed. His home was Elkosh, but some think that Capernaum (lit., “village of Nahum”) may have been his birthplace. Time-wise Nahum was contemporary with Jeremiah, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah. Around 640BC. The northern kingdom of Israel was already in Assyrian captivity. Assyria itself was still a world power, though in a state of decline Nahum prophecies the coming fall of Nineveh. A fall it would suffer at the hands of the Babylonians.  The book of Nahum can easily be divided into three sections – each found in one of the chapters.Read the NOTES HERE.
  • The Minor Prophets - Zechariah #4

    The Purpose of Worship is to please God, not to appeal to us!Text.  Zechariah 7 (Please also read 2 Kings 25)Zecahariah has written about his eight visions – and now his book moves to a second section, a more directly didactic section, in which he teaches the people through a series of incident and sermons.  The first issue that Zechariah confronts is that of worship!  Although we think of ‘worship wars’ as being a modern church phenomenon, Zechariah was tackling issues about worship in his day too. In chapter 7, Zechariah establishes some sound biblical principles about how we worship God.Read the NOTES HERE.This sermon was preached at Ballymacashon and at Templepatrick Reformed Church. It was recorded at TRC, and is duplicated here with their kind permission.
  • Does the Government Hate Prayer?

    Why Does the Government Hate Prayer?Luke 11:1-4  In this talk, I want to establish two opposing propositions, and explore the dichotomy that exists between them. The most basic purpose of Christian intercessory prayer, is that God’s will should be done in this world. James puts this succinctly in James 4:14-16   Regardless of what we pray for, our prayer should always be tempered with ‘if it be Thy will.’ That is such a basic principle of prayer. We want what God wants, - we want his sovereign purposes to prevail and we surrender to his will.The opposite proposition is that the governments of this world, give no consideration to what God’s will is in any national situation, and this is inevitably reflected in the laws that they pass and the regulations that they expect us to abide by.We proceed from those two basic working assumptions.This message was recorded at Templepatrick Reformed Church and is used here with their kind permission.Read the NOTES HERE
  • The Minor Prophets - Zephaniah

    Zephaniah SurveyRead Zephaniah chapter 1-3 Zephaniah was a member of the extended royal family of Judah, the great great grandson of King Hezekiah. (That made him a distant relative of King Josiah, the reigning king.  The book of Zephaniah is easily divided, – there’s just two sections over the three chapters, and they are easily distinguished: Law and Gospel.Read the NOTES HERE.