Women at 36,000 ft

Season 3, Ep. 10

In this episode, we talk with Kathryn Vinclaire. Her first work in the film industry was as a camera operator, working on features, short dramas, music videos and commercials, with work being shown internationally and at the BFI’s LGBTQ+ Flare film festival. Her most recent work is behind the microphone, as a voice-over artist, with clients including Switzerland Tourism, Heathrow Airport and Paco Rabanne. This documentary concept originated from her passion for aviation, and that giddy, gleeful feeling she gets when piloting an aircraft.

The world of female pilots is riddled with stereotypes and challenges too often hidden from public view. Discover the struggles they face in training, in the cockpit, and at home, in "Women at 36,000 Feet". For the first time ever, the complex issues surrounding women in aviation are being investigated across the entire industry. From fighter pilots to commercial airline captains, from helicopter pilots to aerobatic champions; uncover the common fight for equality that underpins these tenacious women’s work on land and in the skies. We talk to the filmmaker about her plans and her fundraising.

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