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Ready for Las Vegas and the World Aerobatics Championships

Season 4, Ep. 19

On this episode of Squawk 7000, we talk with Laura Russell, a trailblazing pilot with Aer Lingus who will compete at the World Aerobatics Championships in Las Vegas this October.

Hailing from Cork, Laura’s impressive resume boasts a range of titles, including Airline Pilot, Upside-Down Pilot (her words), Physicist, Web Designer, and Powerlifter.

In this energy-filled, thought-provoking episode, Laura shares with us her journey and how she has excelled in such varied fields.

From the cockpit of a commercial aeroplane to studying the complexities of quantum physics, Laura’s passion for learning and pushing herself to new limits is truly inspiring.

As we chat with her from her home in Monkstown, we get a glimpse into her preparations for the upcoming championship and the challenges that lie ahead.

Join us as we delve into the extraordinary life of Laura Russell, a shining example of determination and excellence in a constantly developing world.

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