Smoke On!

Season 3, Ep. 15

This week I met with Gerry Humphreys and Eddie Goggins at Ballyboughal airfield in North County Dublin as they prepared to take part in the 2022 Rush Air Display - here are two guys who love what they do. Gerry Humphreys displayed his Vans RV7 ‘flying cow’. The RV7 is a ‘homebuilt’ 2-seat sport aeroplane powered by a 5-litre 150 Horsepower engine. Built from a kit produced in Oregon, USA, it took Gerry 5 years to complete and has now done over 1700 hours since it first flew in 2007. Eddie Goggins is a dentist and an aerobatic pilot and had his first flying lesson at the age of 18; He has represented Ireland in the Aerobatics World Championships. This weekend was the second time Eddie flew his Cap 232 at Rush - the last time he flew with Gerry as the Dynamic Duo - this year they both flew solo. In this episode they talk about the art and science of aerobatics and upset recovery training - SMOKE ON!

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