Helen Pluckrose

Ep. 9

Helen Pluckrose is a writer and editor with a background in the Humanities. She is the editor of Areo magazine. Helen, along with James Lindsay and Peter Boghossian, were the people behind the so called ‘Grievance Studies Project’ which exposed some of the problems in academia today. The three of them wrote a series of hoax academic papers which contained some fairly ludicrous ideas and then went on to get some of the papers published in academic journals.

Since then, Helen has been working on the book Cynical Theories with James Lindsay. The book was published last month. It examines activist scholarship and the contemporary focus on race, gender, and identity, and the problems this causes both within academia and in the wider society.

You can buy the book Cynical Theories here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cynical-Theories-Scholarship-Everything-Identity/dp/1634312023

This is a link to a documentary video by Mike Nayna about the Grievance Studies project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVk9a5Jcd1k&t=13s

Areo Magazine is here: https://areomagazine.com/

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Stella O'Malley

Ep. 7
Stella O’Malley is a psychotherapist, bestselling author, and public speaker. She is also a regular contributor to the Irish Independent, Sunday Independent, Newstalk radio and Today FM. Her first book, ‘Cotton Wool Kids’, was released in 2015 and her bestseller'Bully-Proof Kids: Practical tools to help kids grow up confident, resilient and strong'was released in 2017. Stella’s latest book‘Fragile: Why are we feeling more stressed, anxious and overwhelmed than ever before’, which focuses on overcoming anxiety was released by Gill Books in April 2019.In 2018 Stella presented the acclaimed documentary ‘Trans Kids: It’s Time To Talk’ which examined the huge rise in the numbers of young people embarking on gender transition. Here’s a link to that programme:https://www.channel4.com/programmes/trans-kids-its-time-to-talkFor more information on Stella you can check out her website at:http://www.stellaomalley.com/and she can be found on Twitter @stellaomalley3Some links to material and information recommended by Stella:4thWave Now:https://4thwavenow.com/Book ‘Irreversible Damage’ by Abigail Shrier:https://www.bookdepository.com/Irreversible-Damage-Abigail-Shrier/9781684510313Health Service Executive Ireland ‘Gender Dysphoria’:https://www.hse.ie/eng/health/az/g/gender-dysphoria/treating-gender-dysphoria.htmlLisa Marchiano psychotherapist:https://www.lisamarchiano.com/Safe Schools Alliance UK:https://safeschoolsallianceuk.net/Sasha Ayad (of ‘Inspired Teen Therapy’) on Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGNuXjES0uUGfvXaRwixgagSociety for Evidence Based Gender Medicine:http://segm.org/Transgender Trend:https://www.transgendertrend.com/