Alice Dreger

Ep. 11
Alice Dreger is a writer, historian and academic from New York. She is probably best well known for her bookGalileo’s Middle Finger: Heretics, Activists, and one Scholar’s Search for Justicewhich was a New York Times editor’s choice. Her other books includeHermaphrodites and the Medical Invention of Sexand alsoOne of Us: Conjoined Twins and the Future of Normal. She is the recipient of numerous awards for her writing and research and was the inaugural recipient of the Courage Award from theHeterodox Academy. She has written articles for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, the Guardian, the Atlantic, WIRED, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and many other publications. When Bari Weiss wrote the article for the New York Times which popularised the term ‘Intellectual Dark Web’ back in 2018, Alice Dreger was to be one of the ‘renegade intellectuals’ originally set to be included in the piece but she herselfasked to be left out of the piece. Her Ted Talk‘Is Anatomy Destiny’was presented at TEDxNorthwesternU in 2010 and has over a million views. Alice now lives in the city of East Lansing, Michigan, in the United States where she founded the local news organisationEast Lansing Info(Eli).You can read more about Alice on herblog. If you are a student or a teacher in a college or university in the United States and interested in, or impacted by, restrictions on research, speech or writing you should check out theFoundation for Individual Rights in Education(FIRE).

Stella O'Malley

Ep. 7
Stella O’Malley is a psychotherapist, bestselling author, and public speaker. She is also a regular contributor to the Irish Independent, Sunday Independent, Newstalk radio and Today FM. Her first book, ‘Cotton Wool Kids’, was released in 2015 and her bestseller'Bully-Proof Kids: Practical tools to help kids grow up confident, resilient and strong'was released in 2017. Stella’s latest book‘Fragile: Why are we feeling more stressed, anxious and overwhelmed than ever before’, which focuses on overcoming anxiety was released by Gill Books in April 2019.In 2018 Stella presented the acclaimed documentary ‘Trans Kids: It’s Time To Talk’ which examined the huge rise in the numbers of young people embarking on gender transition. Here’s a link to that programme:https://www.channel4.com/programmes/trans-kids-its-time-to-talkFor more information on Stella you can check out her website at:http://www.stellaomalley.com/and she can be found on Twitter @stellaomalley3Some links to material and information recommended by Stella:4thWave Now:https://4thwavenow.com/Book ‘Irreversible Damage’ by Abigail Shrier:https://www.bookdepository.com/Irreversible-Damage-Abigail-Shrier/9781684510313Health Service Executive Ireland ‘Gender Dysphoria’:https://www.hse.ie/eng/health/az/g/gender-dysphoria/treating-gender-dysphoria.htmlLisa Marchiano psychotherapist:https://www.lisamarchiano.com/Safe Schools Alliance UK:https://safeschoolsallianceuk.net/Sasha Ayad (of ‘Inspired Teen Therapy’) on Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGNuXjES0uUGfvXaRwixgagSociety for Evidence Based Gender Medicine:http://segm.org/Transgender Trend:https://www.transgendertrend.com/

Ewan Morrison

Ep. 6
Ewan Morrison is one of Scotland’s leading contemporary writers. His seventh novel, NINA X, won the 2019 Saltire Scottish Book of the Year. He has written articles for the Guardian as well as all the other leading UK newspapers as well as for online publications and magazines. His TEDx talk ‘Why We Would Be Happier Without Utopia’ was recorded in 2016. Links to some of his articles and his TEDx talk are included below. He can be found on Twitter @MrEwanMorrisonAwards & accolades:Winner - Saltire Society Scottish Fiction Book of the Year2019Longlist - Not the Booker Prize (Guardian) 2019Winner - Scottish Book of the Year- Novel Prize 2013Winner - Glenfiddich Scottish Writer of the year 2012/13Winner - Not the Booker Prize (Guardian) 2012Finalist -Saltire Society Book of the Year 2012Finalist -Creative Scotland Writer of the YearAward 2012Finalist -The Prince Maurice Award for Love Stories 2007Finalist - Arena Magazine Man of the Year Literature Prize 2006Number 22in the top 50 Scottish books of the Last 50 years.The List. 2013Finalist - BAFTA Scotland x 2 Best New Director and Best New Writer.2002Finalist - The Michael Powell Award for Best British Feature Film 2015Winner - Royal Television Society Best Regional Drama 2002Winner - Special Mention at the Pescara Film Festival 2001Winner - The Audience Prize. Festivale de Sainte Livrade2001Winner - Special Mention. Napoli Film Festival 1998Ewan’s website:https://www.ewanmorrison.com/2019 article in Psychology Today ‘The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions’:https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/word-less/201904/the-road-hell-is-paved-good-intentions?collection=11428302018 article from Areo Magazine ‘Why Utopian Communities Fail’https://areomagazine.com/2018/03/08/why-utopian-communities-fail/Link toAmazon.co.ukfor the book NINA X:https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nina-X-Ewan-Morrison/dp/0708899013