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STP93 - Project Gemini - The Unsung Hero of Crewed Spaceflight

Season 1, Ep. 93
This week Dave is on holiday, so there’s no spaceflight news, but instead we have a look at what we think is the unsung hero of crewed spaceflight, Project Gemini. Credits: NASASpace and Things:Twitter: and Info:https://www.spaceandthingspodcast.comPatreon: Enquiries:info@andthingsproductions.comEmily CarneyA veteran of the United States Navy, Carney became a freelance writer back in 2008 and started a blog called This Space Available, which is hosted by the National Space Society.In 2011, Carney founded a facebook group Space Hipsters. Originally intended to be a place to share news and insights amongst friends, this community has now grown to close to 20,000 members including astronauts, engineers, scientists, historians and space flight enthusiasts from around the globe.Blog: GilesGiles is a singer/songwriter from London, England who has always had a passion for space flight. Since his early years he’s been looking skyward and though he ended up wielding a guitar for a living, space exploration is alway on his mind and one of his most popular songs is about astronaut Gene Cernan, ‘The Last Man On The Moon’.In 2019 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, Giles visited all of the crewed space vehicles flown by NASA from Freedom 7 to the Space Shuttle Orbiters.Full info:https://www.davejgiles.comTwitter: and Things is brought to you And Things Productions: