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Thursday, April 27, 2023

STP139 - FORTITUDE: The Story of the Emerging Space Industry - with Filmmaker Torsten Hoffmann

Season 1, Ep. 139
Following the launch of the SpaceX Starship prototype we wanted to talk about the bigger picture of the space industry. It just so happens that a brand new documentary is being made by filmmaker Torsten Hoffmann and the team behind the High Frontier documentary. Torsten very kindly gave us some of his time to talk to us about the documentary and his opinions on the industry.Torsten Hoffmann:LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: FORTITUDE: Kickstarter Campaign: Full show notes: Show notes include links to all articles mentioned and full details of our guests and links to what caught our eye this week.Image Credits: Torsten HoffmannSpace and Things:Twitter: and Info: https://www.spaceandthingspodcast.comPatreon: Enquiries: