Songs In The Key Of Laugh


Series 3 Ep 8 - David O'Doherty

Season 3, Ep. 8

It's nearly Christmas, but we're not getting festive just yet - we've got far more pressing business to attend to, including a return of Masters of The Scene to the Song Contest / Competition, another building block on the way to the Nativity, and Phil discovers how to write a song with AI.

But most important of all, we speak to the amazing comedian, writer and 1990 East Leinster under 14 triple jump bronze medalist DAVID O'DOHERTY.

We hear how David got started, how he embraces the DIY ethos, early Edinburgh collaborations, recording an album in his car, and modestly avoid mentioning his many award wins.

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Series 3 Ep 6 - Jazz Emu

Season 3, Ep. 6
It's EPISODE SIX! Welcome back to Songs In The Key Of Laugh - this week we delve into Electronica, take another chunk out of our Nativity, hear another song contest entry and receive a visit from one of the hottest new comedy music acts on the circuit, it's Archie Henderson - aka - JAZZ EMU!! Archie takes us through the process of creating Jazz Emu, in collaboration with his video director Hunter Allen, the story behind his live show, and how the Jazz Emu has evolved from Tik Tok videos into a fully fledged character, complete with Ewi! We're trying something new this series, so here's the plan;We're still going to upload all our episodes to this podcast feed, for free, as always - BUT - if you want early access to them - you can sign up to our Patreon over at you subscribe to our Patreon, you could have been hearing this episode last week!Find / Support us at;http://www.songsinthekeyoflaugh.com Jazz Emu online at; go & see his show, 'You Shouldn't Have' (December 2022) at The Soho Theatre -