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  • From London to Longford, why living fast and slow is the perfect combo - Oliver Durkin

    On the episode Ariana chats to Ad man Oliver Durkin. Oliver is described as more of a dawn guy than a sunset guy. He graduated from University of Ulster, Ireland, 1991 in English and Theatre Studies. Wrote poems. Wrote prose. Took Photographs. Co-founded UK’s first digital TV advertising agency Guerillascope. Made set top boxes with wild men who flew in jets. Went to Dubai. Ran away to the Irish countryside. Trains horses. Jumps hedges. Went to India. Made a movie. Now thinks and dreams in film. Remarkably we cover all of the above in this hour long episode and lots more in between. Solo living comes in many forms at many stages in people lives and is more of a way of life than any one thing. #sololiving#solopreneur#podcast#comfortzone#livefast#liveslow#lovelife#lovewhatyoudo

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  • Forgive me I'm not feeling well this week.

    I was struck down with the lurgy this week so unfortunately this episode does not feature a fabulous inspiring guest. Instead you get to listen to me talk deliriously about how Solo Powered is now an award nominated podcast thanks to a 'Best New Podcast' nomination in The Irish Podcast Awards. I also talk about the importance of friends, family and a great support network despite being a podcast that celebrates solo'ism and I also shamelessly plug my various different businesses, cause I am sick and you can't give out to me :)I promise normal service will resume next week and there are many many fabulous guests lined up to share their stories over the coming weeks and months so do please keep listening.#podcast#irishpodcastawards#bestnewpodcast#lovewhatyoudo#solopreneuer
  • 22. How to heal yourself from the inside out with Nicky Halliday

    On this episode Ariana chats to chef, DJ, coach and shamanic trance dance guide Nicky Halliday.Nicky has been sharing cacao, hosting ceremonies, wellness retreats and DJing at events and festivals for many year. As a chef she loves nourishing people with healthy food and also bringing people together to awaken their own inner healers in them, with cacao, creativity, nutrition, song, dance, gratitude, forgiveness and helping people open their hearts and go after their dreams. Nicky also trained to be a Shamanic Trance Dance Guide and Guardian. She has written a book “A Practical Guide to Cooking for Health” and also offers group cacao ceremonies and personal cacao therapy sessions for body, mind and soul. Nicky specialises with women who have been diagnosed with HPV virus. If you feel like igniting your true passion for life again, awaken your own inner healer, bring in more self love and compassion into your life, say goodbye to your limiting beliefs, sign up for her upcoming Sacred Cervix course which she talk about on the podcast. #podcast#healer#nourish#hpv#cacao#soulsister#healthyeating
  • 21. Top Solo Travel Tips from Travel Blogger Tara Povey

    On this episode Ariana chats to the fabulous travel blogger Tara Povey about her exciting life travelling to over 60 countries around the world and documenting it all for her successful travel blog @whereistara. Tara was born in New Zealand and raised in Ireland. So refers to herself as a hobbit raised by leprechauns.She tells a great story of how her her spontaneous loving mother had a habit of booking last minute flights and whisking her and my sister away places for fun and adventures so her love for travel started young.She has had some incredible travel experiences including training Japanese ninjutsu with grand master Hatsumi (The last living ninja) in Japan, climbing the Inca trail in Peru, horse riding up a volcano in Iceland, getting lost in the favelas of Rio, Brazil and living like a Cowboy in Texas. Tara reminds you that it is very possible to change your life especially after a painful breakup and she wants to remind listeners that you can create the life you’ve always wanted for yourself. Tara and Ariana offer lots of fabulous travel tips and insights in this chat so I hope you enjoy it. #podcast#solotravel#solo#travel#dreambig#nevertolatetochange#lovewhatyoudo
  • 19. Why a dog could make your Solo Life so much happier - Jon Garstang

    To celebrate World International Dog Day on August 26th Ariana chats to the brilliant Jon Garstang. Jon is a rocker, a musician, a yoga instructor, business owner, Dad to Ozzie and ultimately an amazing award winning dog whisperer, trainer and in many cases saviour. Jon runs The Positive Pet Project in Rhodes in Greece, he trains dogs, boards dogs and helps dogs who have been abused or ill treated to live a better life. Jon spent time in animal welfare projects in Africa, Eastern and Southern Europe. He has written a book and works with the Greek Ministry teaching children to have more positive relationships with animals which in turn gives them all important soft skills for live a better life. Jon moved to Rhodes several years ago with his family to start a new life and hasn't looked back. In this episode Jon talks about his career to date as well as how to work with animals and how to choose the best pet for your and your life.#podcast#positivepetproject#internationalworlddogday#dogs#solo#sololife#doglife#adoptdontshop
  • 18. One woman's solo journey in a hand made canoe across Irelands waterways - Gwen Wilkinson

    Ariana has the pleasure and privilege of interviewing Gwen Wilkinson for episode 18 of the Solo Powered Podcast. In 2019, Gwen Wilkinson set herself the challenge of building a canoe and paddling it the length of Ireland, along a network of inland waterways. She set out from the shores of Lough Erne and navigated a 400km journey to the tidal waters of the River Barrow in Ireland.More than just a travelogue, The Waters and the Wild explores the interwoven histories of the people and wildlife that shaped Gwen’s journey. As the adventure unfolds, she also shines a light on pioneering women who have left their mark on Ireland’s landscape – both natural and cultural.From wild camping on deserted islands to drifting on lakes in the company of restless lapwings, this book invites the reader to share an intense engagement with the natural world. The charming text is accompanied by the author’s own striking lino and woodcut prints, beautiful and thought-provoking interpretations of the flora and fauna she observed on her travels.Gwen Wilkinson paddled to explore, searching for inspiration and a desire to learn more about the island we inhabit, and she was met with experiences rich and illuminating, far beyond her expectations.Ariana and Gwen talked all about her incredible experiences and bravery embarking on this epic quest and also chat about the freedom that comes with living the solo life as an intrepid explorer. #solo#solopowered#sololiving#soloadventures#soloquests#solofreedon#canoe#waterways#waterlife#podcast
  • 18. Women Un-branded, Cathy O'Connor talks about under representation of women over 40

    The wonderful fashion stylist Cathy O'Connor come on to talk about her fabulous career in fashion from working on TV's 'Off the rails', to being a magazine fashion editor and stylist to the stars. She has recently launched an important campaign called Women Un-Branded.Women Un-branded is a social awareness campaign that aims to create social change towards ageing in the fashion and beauty worlds. Spearheaded by stylist, broadcaster, and content creator, Cathy O’Connor, Women Un-branded gives a voice to women over 40 and beyond who have experienced a lack of representation and inclusion in many fashion and beauty brands’ marketing and advertising campaigns.Women Un-branded recently conducted a *survey among women aged 35+, many of whom have significant spending power in the fashion and beauty industries. The survey revealed that 45% of this cohort spend up to €500 per month on fashion, while 61% spend up to €500 per month on beauty. At a time of extraordinary inclusion, many women over 40 feel they are on the outside looking in, and that the brands they are loyal to don’t always represent them in their campaigns. 71% would prefer to see more realistic portrayals of women in brand campaigns. Women Un-branded is calling for a more realistic portrayal of women over 40, highlighting their vivacity, wisdom, and value.With the Women Un-branded campaign, Cathy wants to create awareness and act, and she is encouraging women to champion those who are creating a change. Women Un-branded is calling on women to be aware of which brands communicate with them directly, and if women feel ignored by brands or boutiques they support, speak up in a positive way. Cathy has many ambitious plans for Women Un-branded including a shoot of real women who own their style across all age ranges from 40+, and even a podcast. As the founder, Cathy is also passionate about the media and brands having access to images of vibrant looking older women so that positive images of age are more available and therefore, may increase visibility. Watch this space! Women Un-branded is also open to working with agencies worldwide who want to create positive change to help them be inclusive in their work and there are plans for more in-depth research in the future.