Software Engineers


Woody Zuill

Season 1, Ep. 5

For this episode of the Software Engineers Podcast, I invited Woody Zuill. Woody is a software engineer with almost 40 years of experience working in the US and one of the originators of the concept of MobProgramming. Woody is currently a senior consultant. And he does a lot of education about agile, software development, and MobProgramming.

Woody started his software engineering path as an autodidact, being his own customer. He was running a business. But one day got tempted to get a computer to do custom software that would help him in his daily work. His long career all started with a system he made for himself to track and record the checks at his shop.

During our conversation, we discussed his long career and went through some basics of MobProgramming. He shared with me several tips and advice on things to avoid as well. 

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