Software Engineers


Sean Austin

Season 1, Ep. 2

In this episode, I discussed with Sean Austin. Sean is the VP of Engineering of Super Evil Megacorp, a AAA mobile-first indie game studio based in San Mateo, California.

Sean was not destined to be in computer science at first. He originally wanted to pursue a career in physics, and willing to be a funny physics high-school teacher. But in our discussion, he explained what made him change his mind. Spoiler: it includes video games😉.

We also go through his role and responsibilities at Super Evil Megacorp. "Being the VP of Engineering is about creating the best home for engineering talent," explained Sean. A role that is not tech-oriented, but people-oriented.

Super Evil Megacorp is using a custom game engine named E.V.I.L. engine. I was also curious to ask him questions about the origin and reasons for such a choice. 

In short, we also talked about several others subjects like transition through COVID-19, managing remote teams, parenting and video games, etc.

But enough said, listen to the episode now!

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