Software Engineers


Sebastiano Mandalà

Season 1, Ep. 1

In this episode, I discussed with Sebastiano Mandalà. Sebastiano is the CTO of Freejam, an indie game developer based in the UK. He is also the author of Svelto.ECS, an ECS framework for C#.

With his 20+ years of experience in game dev, Sebastiano has had quite an interesting journey. Yet, in the episode, we focused on what brought him into ECS (Entity Component System). Up to the point of doing his own framework.

He goes with us through his train of thoughts that he also documented on his blog ( Starting from the SOLID principle to dependency injection and inversion of control. ECS appeared then to him as the solution he was looking for.

He also explained that ECS is not a problem with UI. MVC is somehow ECS. The Models are the Components. The Views are the Entities. And the Controllers are the Systems.

He also defends the idea that ECS is not a pattern, an optimization tool, or either a framework. But a paradigm like object-oriented programming is!

But enough said, listen to the episode now!

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