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Smith and Sniff

Narrow Dutch cars and the Strada Abarth

Ep. 156

Jonny has spotted something local and peculiar in the Netherlands and Richard has remembered a sporty Fiat from the ‘80s. Also in this episode, the world’s finite supply of Biros, car tipping, Panda 100HP love, finding yourself on the Harry Metcalfe highway, driving old Bentleys, the Goodwood Members’ Meeting, the Ohlins Invitational Cup, Nic Cage surfing for Studebakers, and what’s actually happening at Land Rover.

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  • 177. Skeletor's mk4 Supra

    Jonny has had to cause to reflect on the life of He-Man. Also in this episode, misunderstanding the meaning of cosplay, a bad day to be wearing tweed, the drag racing phenomenon of Podface, replicas racing at the Revival, Steven Seagal fighting from a chair, Bryan Ferry having a nice sit down, Roger Moore running up the Eiffel Tower, a licence to kilt, Calvin Harris and a sweet Prelude 2.2, some eye-opening uses for Facebook Marketplace, Louis Theroux’s erroneous Fiesta RS Turbo, and being a rear view mirror dip refuser. Plus, Prince Williams, Marxist Spencer, cool Maseratis, and Jonny’s secret new car.
  • 176. The moaning show

    Jonny and Richard get a few things off their chests. Topics covered include a bizarre MG TF, Jag vandalism news, the best bit of the Ford S-Max, tap peril, strange banger racers, jumping a 1910s cars, French pronunciations in American, the VW ID. GTI concept, synthetic fuels, six annoying things about the Abarth 500e, strange subtitles, moving the entire podcast to Miami, the worst ever guest on Hot Ones, canal boating with DJ Khalid, a British donk, and the Toyota Century SUV.
  • 175. A day at RADwood

    Jonny and Richard are at Bicester Heritage for RADwood. Topics covered in this episode include buying a cheap Hammond organ, Richard being one of the judges in the Hot Wheels Legends competition, standing behind Terry Wogan, Honda NSXs and Ayrton Senna’s Algarve yachting-style slip-ons, a technical latrine, the shocking state of cubicle doors in American bathrooms, Jonny hanging out with Tavarish, the elusive brown Audi A2 of Bath/Bath, a strangely named cottage near Silverstone, being let down by Chris Hemsworth, an update on Volvo saloons and estates in the UK, a new Smith and Sniff planning service, the problem with racing drivers appearing on Top Gear, and Kimi Raikkonen going for a post-sauna jet ski.
  • 174. The Nigel Mansell clearance sale

    A former F1 champion is selling some amazing things. Also in this episode, a haunted VW T7 Multivan, a Lexus with a fault, a brief review of the ID.Buzz van, why the new BMW M2 is like a set of animal balls, Liam Neeson in Miami Vice, a wild horse Bedford Rascal at Mansell’s karting centre, more horribly mistreated Jaguars, a barn find dog incident, the mysterious Gibbons method, a Hero Honda update, vigilante plumbing, and Greg James out of Radio 1 sends us his Florence Welsh impersonation.
  • 173. The Land Rovers of Longleat

    Richard has been to a safari park. Also in this episode, Jonny shares news of his local no-name full suspension mountain bike guy, the joys of the Gower peninsular, an ideal cottage and cars combo, a family of plastic cladding enthusiasts, blaming monkeys for things, the rarity of the VW Lupo, an Alfa with an odd sticker, getting buzzed by a ruined RAV4, liking Martini livery but not Martini, another entry for Jag wrong ‘uns club, and a tribute to the late Harris Mann.
  • 172. Wake me up before you R5 Turbo

    Jonny and Richard remember the racing career of Andrew Ridgeley. Also in this episode, trying to remember the plot of Shaft, a towel-based dilemma, a John Wick theory from someone who’s never seen any of the John Wick films, news about Volvo’s decision to stop selling saloons and estates in the UK, a trip to depreciation corner, the problem with the new Toyota Land Cruiser, the cockroach car favoured by a professional mechanic, a K11 Micra doing a Morgan Aero 8 impression, the wonderful world of Kei cars, life in flip flops, a Timothy Dalton XK8, more news from headlight renouncers, the surprisingly large range of Brut products, and does that make sense?
  • 171. Caterham guy

    Jonny has been doing some traditional tillermanning. Also in this episode, leaving your own roof behind, how they make automatic transmission fluid, ETA shaving, entering a Premier Inn like a race winner, nice cloth seats in fancy cars, a surprisingly good Cupra, holiday golf cart incident, unusual hire cars, a listener’s tale of spotting an amazing X-Type, the rubbishness of the Golf R badge, terrible decals on expensive motorhomes, and buying a vehicle from a naturist.
  • 170. A hangar full of questions

    In their second recording from Bicester Heritage, Jonny and Richard take audience questions and talk SAAB specialists, a new song lyrics game, useless vans, tractor choices, wild horses, ill-advised things to do while driving, a secret Jonny needs to keep from Porsche, the surprise return of British Leyland, right foot clutching, a Metro GTa disaster, strange passengers, trailers made from half a car, good cars with bad passengers, car stitch-ups, and someone’s brought along a genuine no-name full suspension mountain bike. Thanks again to The Little Car Company for hosting Smith and Sniff at Bicester.
  • 169. Live from Bicester Heritage

    In front of a live audience in a massive hangar at Bicester Heritage, Jonny and Richard talk road signs, a revelation about no-name full suspension mountain bike guy, a note left on Jonny’s car, audience stories about note leaving, spotting Fiat Fullbacks, the sadness of the Fiat Doblo, getting to sit in a scale steam engine, stickers of another car on your car, a listener’s story about undercarriage damage during a test drive, people who’ve never driven an auto, people with wagon wheels and boats in the garden, another listener tells us about a handfree bathroom incident, car-based I have never game, the Rickman Ranger, a front-wheel-drive Countach, extreme reversing stance, almost tipping over, cars to commit crimes in, and surprising fans of the Opel Vectra. Huge thanks to The Little Car Company for hosting this live recording, and for bringing down their excellent new Tamiya Wild One MAX.