Smith and Sniff

Two friends talk about cars and many other things

  • 162. Sweary driving instructors and Tiff in a Suzuki Carry

    In the second live recording from Bristol, Jonny and Richard answer audience questions. Topics covered include mid-life crisis cars, stealing road signs, Motley Crue’s last gig, One Life, Live it stickers, the origins of Choady Shifter, the idea car for reversing from Bristol to Whipsnade safari park, the Oasis swimming pool, features you’d like back on cars, clothes for a Woollarding photo shoot, your most ‘90s car, what you learnt to drive in, sweary driving instructors, what DJ Khalid would drive if he lived in Nottingham, Tiff Needell in a Suzuki Carry, Digby the biggest dog in the world, Clifford alarms, and a cable tie round a fluffy pillow.
  • 161. Allegro Equipe and the NASCAR Ferrari

    Richard finds amazing treasure for sale and Jonny has been driving his Charger while dressed like off-brand Magnum. Also in this episode, why Ivor the Engine is much better than Thomas the Tank Engine, the British mis-treatment of the elderly, more hand drier nonsense, the problem with bow ties, the weird evolution of Blippi, a ‘review’ of Fast X, Vin Diesel turning into a groundskeeper, the joy of going to the cinema on your own, looking backwards while driving, going to a beauty spot and then ignoring the beauty, a listener’s message about a miniature train accident, DeLoreans in Miami Vice, finding a good bowling ball and happy 50th birthday to the Allegro.
  • 160. Live from Bristol

    Jonny and Richard have got their ‘90s clothes on for a live recording in Bristol. Topics covered include new developments around No Name Full Suspension Mountain Bike Guy, the idea of having a SAABy face, a rude bus company, a 2CV full of adult magazines, a listener endorsement of donkeys, and various other bits of blather in front of an audience.
  • 159. Def Leppard on the roofrack

    Jonny has a great idea for Jim Ratcliffe and Richard’s having trouble with his trousers. Also in this episode, lost wheeltrims, why cloth is better than leather, getting spare keys made, filler flap bung update, barn find clothing dilemma, the lazy Repair Shop and insensitive Car SOS, Jonny’s controversial new TV show, the problem with Oasis’s Be Here Now sleeve, Liam Gallagher is a Mancunian penguin, a keytar on the roof of a mk1 MR2, DJ Khalid at the Miami GP, handdryer solutions, Bryan Adams’s Land Rover again, arguing with the idea of guilty pleasures, and King Charles’s softly sprung carriage.
  • 158. Drift car or donkey?

    Jonny has been served some unusual Instagram content and Richard has seen his local no-name mountain bike guy. Also in this episode, reaction to last week’s Miami Vice chat, Don Johnson goes Woollarding, the Skoda cake we forgot, how to say Rostyle, disagreement about the third generation Toyota MR2, spending time in a high tech scrapyard, a broken Smart Roadster Brabus, CSI hot cross buns, an annoying Volkswagen, for the love of small cars, and news of a Smith and Sniff live show in London.
  • 157. Catching up on Miami Vice

    Just four decades late, Jonny has been watching a top American TV show. Also in this episode, a shameless plug for the next Smith and Sniff live show, bad smoking on television, going to the Sunday Scramble in a radio car, how your memory works (or doesn’t), wanting a Rolls-Royce Camargue, TV cops getting tangled in fly tipping, Phil Collins drumming on a trailer, Dutch police car strangeness, Paul Hollywood’s new car repair show The Great British Bodge Off, thoughts on the BMW Z8, owning a yellow car, browsing MG TFs, deceased spec SLKs, and Jonny’s perfect car has come up for sale.
  • 156. Narrow Dutch cars and the Strada Abarth

    Jonny has spotted something local and peculiar in the Netherlands and Richard has remembered a sporty Fiat from the ‘80s. Also in this episode, the world’s finite supply of Biros, car tipping, Panda 100HP love, finding yourself on the Harry Metcalfe highway, driving old Bentleys, the Goodwood Members’ Meeting, the Ohlins Invitational Cup, Nic Cage surfing for Studebakers, and what’s actually happening at Land Rover.
  • 155. A series of powerful magnets

    Jonny explains how his dad retrieved a broken Avenger key. Also in this episode, drunk Olympics, the gunty cat 1 Series, scraping floorpans, scratching matt paint, the return of the boot cut, alternative superhero Nigel Mansilk, very thin facial hair, the unnecessary speed of Green Day, the ‘90s curtonian movement, the Stone Roses stealing back their second album, people who lose car keys, magnet fishing with Harry Metcalfe, losing track of VW Group cars, and Sophie Ellis-Bextor spoils a rhyme.
  • 154. Lord of the autojumble

    Jonny has been to a very special car event and he has seen somethings. Features inexplicable statues, a grand wizard, a box of marionettes, anaphylactic Paul Young, red meat ghosting, miniature steam engines, retro grumble mags, a greyhound in a puffa jacket, an owl rescue van, an airbrushed Sprinter, and an awful, awful discovery in a bag for life. Also in this episode, Lionel Richie’s woo, chenille armchairs, Roseanne phones, badly placed hotel plug sockets, and the lost art of the telephone table.