cover art for Massive turbos, terrible screens, and falling out of a moving coach

Smith and Sniff

Massive turbos, terrible screens, and falling out of a moving coach

Ep. 204

Jonny and Richard canter through some excellent messages from listeners. Also in this episode, comedy tyre names, collapsed Discovery spotting with Chris Harris, more fixation about an Eagle Quest limousine, a review of ChatGPT in a DS 4, the real world economy of the Range Rover PHEV, Jonny goes trialling in a Kia Picanto, doing the Three Peaks Challenge in jeans, onion farmer weirdness, a puzzle about an ‘80s movie poster, a brief review of the new Roadhouse, and a yoghurt incident at a cricket match.

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  • 214. The Ferrari Cylinders and the Morgan Sleeve

    Jonny and Richard discuss a pair of recently announced cars. Also in this episode, suspiciously cheap American motels, extremely cheap fly-drive deals, getting a cricket trapped in your car, TVs on coaches, a recent British motel experience, good names for Lamborghinis, car dealer practises around sought-after cars, the perils of trying to buy a rare Rolex, the Maserati trident and the flag of Barbados, a hand-whittled cobrahead, an inexplicable flute sticker and the truth about guards’ vans.
  • 213. OTOSOT 2

    Jonny and Richard answer listener questions. This week, a 10th wedding anniversary present, what’s special about the Audi A2, favourite YouTube channels, infuriating driving habits, love for the Suzuki Hustler, car magazine collections, remembering old registration numbers, and what would you do if you owned an actual eagle?
  • 212. The Muppet Show

    Jonny reveals a surprising influence on The Late Brake Show. Also in this episode, driving in the ‘60s, how quickly cars used to go rusty, old people not looking like old people any more, an encounter with a driverless Audi, what the Fiat 500’s tailpipe looks like, a visit to book corner, wide load escort vehicles, a plan to make F1 more like Strictly Come Dancing, getting tailgated by a private ambulance, tiny brake lights, getting locked out of a borrowed Mustang in just some swimming trunks while in a fancy part of Los Angeles, and news of the next Smith and Sniff live show.
  • 211. On The Other Side Of Things 1

    In the first of their new Friday spin-off shows, Jonny and Richard answer listeners’ questions. Topics covered include the best city for car spotting, what Gene Hunt would drive in the ‘90s or ‘00s, best car launch gift, one engine layout for life, a car to stash for a future barn find, first supercar experiences, cars that ought to be sold in the UK, collabs with other podcasts, plans for the Eagle Quest limo, being given a car buying budget by DJ Khalid, and does Jonny’s dad still over-gift the binmen?
  • 210. Not a euphemism

    Richard has been polishing his Panda. Also in this episode, the Malbec mechanic dyes some seats, Jonny likes singing while strimming, the sluggishness of the Audi Allroad, air suspension problems, the hunt for a Honda Element gearbox, under-the-counter creosote, the Smith and Sniff fragrance collection, a surprise discovery about the A1 grot shop, M.I.A. driving an E30 cabrio, KC Daylighters, a binbag of Eurocrisps, the pile cream of airlines, and taking a curry on a plane.
  • 209. Live from the limo

    Jonny and Richard have collected the Eagle and are sitting in it as they speak. Also in this episode, washing horses, the campaign to get rid of beards, doing work experience with the Red Arrows, monocoque animals, interesting cars in Jonny’s neighbourhood, bleak Fenland houses, the demise of the guard’s van, a railway waiting room horror story, Brazilian trucks explained, ergonomic Danish cutlery, too many sunglasses being worn indoors in Top Gear, and the extremely varied stock of the second hand car dealer that sold this podcast its new limousine.
  • 208. Talking cars with Pet Shop Boys

    Richard has met his musical heroes and learnt some surprising things. Also in this episode, Jonny’s JDM nail care kit, Kate Beckinsale’s barn finds, the world’s most ridiculous man, a listener almost gets in a fight because of this podcast, a sports bus, a word for camper van you never hear anymore, troubling news about SAABs for cricketers, Alfa makes a terrible mess of things, why the Tonale is like a mk4 Polo, and we have news about a second weekly Smith and Sniff show.
  • 207. The Eagle has Quested

    Jonny and Richard have finally bought an official podcast car. Also in this episode, parts gloating, a few nights in a California, wanting an ‘80s motorhome, annoying chainsawing, more praise for the Alpine A110, not wanting to look seedy just because you have a camper van, CVT gearboxes sounded like out-of-tune men in churches, unlikely overtaking, the disappearance of the fallen over caravan, strange Brazilian trucks, Instagram ads for trousers, and Omega, Omega or Omega?
  • 206. Smith and Sniff and Greg

    In a late night and quite boozy recording, Jonny and Richard are in a hotel room near Goodwood and joined by Greg James out of the Radio 1 breakfast show. Topics covered including driving to the Members’ Meeting in Alpine A110s, what Jonny has in common with James May, the importance of sleeping clean, a crazy wake-up routine involving Crockett’s Theme, Taylor Swift in an Audi A2, a Renault handbook wallet clutch bag, live press-ups. a Swiss-registered paddock scooter, a strange advert for bum tricks, Dynamo walking away from things, unexpected enthusiasm for the Toyota Carina E, ‘90s cricketers in sponsored cars, getting stuck with an MG ZT V8, Ian Botham-spec SAABs, cars of Pablo Picasso, Sue Barker in a Honda Legend, and the Dad’s Promotion Four-Speed Auto Executive Car Cup.