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Smith and Sniff

Live from Bicester Heritage

Ep. 169

In front of a live audience in a massive hangar at Bicester Heritage, Jonny and Richard talk road signs, a revelation about no-name full suspension mountain bike guy, a note left on Jonny’s car, audience stories about note leaving, spotting Fiat Fullbacks, the sadness of the Fiat Doblo, getting to sit in a scale steam engine, stickers of another car on your car, a listener’s story about undercarriage damage during a test drive, people who’ve never driven an auto, people with wagon wheels and boats in the garden, another listener tells us about a handfree bathroom incident, car-based I have never game, the Rickman Ranger, a front-wheel-drive Countach, extreme reversing stance, almost tipping over, cars to commit crimes in, and surprising fans of the Opel Vectra. 

Huge thanks to The Little Car Company for hosting this live recording, and for bringing down their excellent new Tamiya Wild One MAX.

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  • 227. OTOSOT 9

    This week Jonny and Richard answer questions about universal floor mats, cars washes, the AC game, upcoming merchandise and the Goodwood Revival of 2050.
  • 226. Driving instructor strangeness

    This week Jonny and Richard wonder how many times a day you can say ‘back in the day’ and discuss Tiff’s thin racing bag, memories of your driving instructor, interesting news about Sade, the disappearance of the Celica lady, a REME tale from the ‘80s, pub beer garden slides, binging Kias, Volvo estates, the Mini Cooper C, and the new Beverly Hills Cop film.
  • 225. OTOSOT 8

    Jonny and Richard answer questions about restomods you’d like to see, the first single you bought, who’s better at fixing stuff, cars you’d recommend but wouldn’t buy yourself, selling a bubble car to Michael Barrymore and cars getting you through dark times.
  • 224. Taking a Cav cabrio to the prom

    Jonny and Richard are in Richard’s shed talking about unwanted pianos, problems with hornets, getting surprised by a cockchafer, Honda Cub news, Porsche headlight thefts, prom cars, tickover drifting, amazing things in South Wales, a roundabout confession, and the connection between Boxster wheels and Slade.
  • 223. OTOSOT 7

    In answering listeners’ questions this week, Jonny and Richard cover car-related injuries, getting away with things while making Top Gear, how to re-launch Saab, the hidden dangers of barn finds, and the most memorable moments in the car with your parents.
  • 222. Edwardian drifting

    Jonny and Richard invent a D1 series for veteran cars. Unitards optional. Also in this episode, a strange 1990s car insurance advert, not knowing how to watch football, sporting recollections from the Sixties, sweaty back rucksack, not knowing the price of ad blue, Le Mans hecklers identified, the grassy tickle, listeners sharing memories of teachers’ cars, the Porsche Boxster GTS 4.0, and a brief look at the Bugatti Tourbillon.
  • 221. OTOSOT 6

    In a second show of questions from a live audience in London Jonny and Richard cover cars you regret not buying, small faults that ruin cars, creating a beast based on the best bits of lots of models, hydrolocking, what car Jonny should persuade Richard to buy, things that shouldn’t be converted to EV and there’s a guest appearance from the man who once drove a BMW for 10 miles entirely in reverse.
  • 220. A weekend in Le Mans

    Jonny and Richard have spent the weekend at the Le Mans 24 Hours. In a podcast recorded just after the race ended topics covered include a failed interview with Jenson Button, Cadillac racing for tax reasons, the French art of conserving momentum, hanging out with the Franchitti brothers, mardi gras on the gridwalk, and a strange encounter in a Le Mans loo.
  • 219. OTOSOT 5

    Jonny and Richard answer questions from the audience at one of their London live recordings. Topics covered include the funniest things to happen while filming 5th Gear and Top Gear, what’s happened to Richard’s Range Rover, the meaning of itchy chin, a stopgap car for an Alvis owner from leafy Primrose Hill, London Concours body swaps, the King’s secret car collection, and cars that hurt you.