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Smith and Sniff

A hangar full of questions

Ep. 170

In their second recording from Bicester Heritage, Jonny and Richard take audience questions and talk SAAB specialists, a new song lyrics game, useless vans, tractor choices, wild horses, ill-advised things to do while driving, a secret Jonny needs to keep from Porsche, the surprise return of British Leyland, right foot clutching, a Metro GTa disaster, strange passengers, trailers made from half a car, good cars with bad passengers, car stitch-ups, and someone’s brought along a genuine no-name full suspension mountain bike. 

Thanks again to The Little Car Company for hosting Smith and Sniff at Bicester.

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  • 188. Threesomes and biscuits with Chris Harris

    Jonny has been receiving some strange offers while Richard has been discussing Clubs. Also in this episode, a can of Mansell soup, Jonny’s dim view of Genesis and DS, the new Dacia Duster, annoying Sierra gearknobs, the resurgence of the Toyota Land Cruiser 70, headbutting a worktop because of your dog, getting knocked out by a door frame, Funky Cat news, getting thrown out of a supermarket, Defender side box update, an awkward social moment as a result of this podcast, and the truth about recent Grand Tour news. 
  • 187. The truth about Top Gear

    Jonny and Richard discuss the recent news about a well-known car show. Also in this episode, accidentally offending Angela Rippon, going to a drum and bass night in Bristol, a surprisingly boozy school quiz, ULEZ Miserables, the heydays of telly and motorshows, a terribly vandalised Jag, what people put in those new Defender side boxes, mysteriously damaged road signs, an interesting sight in a supermarket car park, weird-looking Land Cruisers, and getting Madonna to guest on The Late Brake Show.
  • 186. Ram raid!

    There’s been goings on in Jonny’s neighbourhood. Also in this episode, the weird face and musical taste of Stephen King, Mike Knight out of Knight Rider versus Mike The Knight, more on people with two of the same car, the trials of choosing new glasses, kids on lathes, why the Skoda Octavia vRS might be all you ever need, an update on Richard’s constantly broken Panda, slightly wanting a Volvo 240 when you should want a Mercedes W123, train news update, putting an auto into neutral at the lights, Natalie Imbruglia’s heated bathroom floor, and Richard’s new Boring Car Trivia book is finally on sale.
  • 185. Fast train to Mexico

    Jonny and Richard discover something interesting about a beloved British icon. Also in this episode, London to Brighton, running machine mishaps, a very chodey shifter in a Prelude, the fate of Maureen’s Lada, SEAT Ibiza System Porsche, test driving cars, a Volvo EX30 recap, where to put shopping, where Tiff Needell puts shopping, opinions on head-up displays, the Honda Jazz Crosstar, trains on boats, Remy Julienne films for Fiat, the new Honda Motocompacto, and an amazing story from the Nardo test
  • 184. Shergar Granada

    Jonny has been learning about how a large Ford was involved in the kidnap of a famous race horse. Also in this episode, people in 1970s and ‘80s TV shows clinging to roll bars, untrustworthy clutch control, Richard being a silly boy in London, sitting very still listening to Sting, bump starting a car in the middle of the night, Puff Daddy’s inexplicable motorbike accident, the demise of the OAP travel sweet, cars with three abreast seating in the front, the Honda FR-V and a bizarre publicity photo, empty threats from Photobucket, a time limit on being able to say ‘back in the day’, the Volvo EX30, and news of the next Smith and Sniff live show.
  • 183. New Preluuuude!

    Exciting news from Japan as Honda threatens to bring back a Smith and Sniff legend. Also in this episode, the real surfers’ cars of Devon, the most West Country car, growing up in narrow lanes, being a museum guy, the best word to say in a Liverpudlian accent, retro gaming at laser tag basically in Nottingham, horse crabbing and old Saxos, listeners share their favourite mis-read car badges, and a round up of cars at the Tokyo show including the smooth new Mazda Iconic SP.
  • 182. The Dodge Chanqez

    Jonny recalls a car badge confusion. Also in this episode, a very old couple in a very advanced car, hypermilers’ salutes, washing a small car with a small bucket, the loss of foot baths from municipal swimming pools, being a good swimmer, an actual cobra head shifter, a remarkable tribute to Nigel Mansell, mystery third brake lights, an Elvis Mercedes, a very baggy Alfa shifter, things IKEA should sell, school run chic, Jonny’s car woes, and Richard’s brief review of the VW Multivan.
  • 181. The trike of terror

    Jonny and Richard stumble upon one of the British bike industry’s less good ideas. Also in this episode, the intimidating noise of scramblers, a thief’s favourite weather conditions, gold lame wearing crim disco band Rain, Fog and Wind, factory jacks and burly lads, Jamie Theakston’s stolen Stag, the whereabouts of Jayne Middlemiss, the Vincent Amanda, going karting after a trans-Atlantic flight, stag do kart crashes, a listener’s amazing stories about raves and a plucky Renault, and news of a celebrity Smith and Sniff listener.
  • 180. Seinfeld's bass butler

    Jonny and Richard are in a hotel room in California which they should have left an hour ago. Topics covered include big American coffees, a real-life ghetto Boxster sighting, taking the Porsche methadone, seeing a sweet, sweet Prelude, the front licence plate laws of US states, nocturnal pressure washing, not liking gulls, American legal driving ages, the glories of a Porsche paint to sample swatch pack, Jonny’s sudden need for OTSOT man, central locking shenanigans, an ill-fated Top Gear reasonably priced car, the Mazda CX-90 and Kia Seltos, the price of second hand cars in Britain, Thierry Boutsen’s flag haul and a real life sighting of Jerry Seinfeld.Special thanks to Ian Deeley for sorting out the sound on this one.