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Help I Sexted My Boss

Help What Do I Buy My Boyfriend's Girlfriend

Season 10, Ep. 46

William is starting to run out of things to talk about with his friends and family IRL due to them all listening to the podcast and Jordans got some top tips for washing your dirty underwear in a hotel bathroom. Plus there’s a new toasting protocol which will be of interest to all G&Diva’s.

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  • 13. Help There’s A Tissue Issue

    There’s a rather large elephant in the room… Something that all of you G&Diva’s have been begging to know more about… It’s finally time for William to reveal his ironing setup! The boys are also on hand to help with all your dilemmas such as serving traditional food with a twist, queueing etiquette, and an unbelievable story regarding a tissue.
  • 12. Marathons, Made Up Names and Menthol Illness

    Ever wondered what the collective noun is for a group of G&Divas? Or why you shouldn’t name your pet ‘Gooch’? All is revealed alongside one of the top ten marathon training aids in the world.
  • 11. Help It's The Valentines Special

    Bad jokes, bad impressions, and a message from Producer Ben - this episode is full of nasty surprises! After the boys debrief on Valentines/Jordan’s birthday plans they turn to your dating dilemmas regarding how to politely end a date and dealing with people who ‘lick’.
  • 10. Country Tunes, Colonics and Choking

    William tests Jordans knowledge of country music and the boys catch up on your correspondence regarding colonic etiquette and shower beers.
  • 9. Help There’s Sparkle On My Stomach

    After a cape/cloak update from William leads to a rather unique superhero catchphrase being coined by our Jordan, the boys turn to your dilemmas on feeding dogs in a cafe, dealing with round dodgers, and what to do when you’ve double booked yourself on the night of the Sexted live tour.
  • 8. Drinks, DJ’s and Dixon Dallas

    Jordan’s full of beans after getting so many compliments on his glowing skin! While William’s been broadening his repertoire with some fart jokes. Plus the boys catch up on your correspondence regarding country music and awkward sexual encounters involving piercings.
  • 7. Help I’ve Had A Sloppy Sunday

    After the boys debrief on a wholesome weekend away featuring William’s horrendous snoring and a very hangry Jordan, they turn their attention to your dilemmas on how to politely say no and discuss how to NEVER eat a Pringle.
  • 6. Gaysons, Prinks and Chris Moyles

    William's got a face like a smacked arse - and it’s not because he’s just found out what Jordan’s been doing in the shower all these years! There’s also some controversial correspondence to catch up on involving Freemasons, sex smells, and the differences between gooch and taint.
  • 5. Help There’s A Dildo In The Loft

    The boys take a fascinating deep dive into the inner workings of their minds as we get a blow by blow account of William's recent colonic and Jordan lists which food goes best with eggs (spoiler alert: all food). They then turn to helping you with your dilemmas regarding how to deal with people who don’t cover their mouths when they cough and finding ancient dildos.