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Help I Sexted My Boss

Help I’m A Milk Thief

Season 11, Ep. 3

This week is all about role reversals as William has started getting into football and Jordan’s become obsessed with his new coffee machine (don’t worry they quickly revert back to their old selves). We also hear your dilemmas about texting etiquette, touchy-feely neighbours, and an afternoon tea conundrum.

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  • 32. Help I'm Going Innuendo Free

    In this episode, William faces one of the hardest challenges of his life. He can't say a single innuendo for the entire episode! To make the task extra difficult, we have dilemmas involving stiff socks and nudity. Plus, Jordan's on the turbo wine, so anything could happen!
  • 31. Tiramisu, Classical Tunes and Hot Tub Twinks

    Jordan’s colonic date is fast approaching, and it looks like his G&D levels will be critically low on tour because of it! A few folks have been in touch with their take on the hot tub debate, and a famous G&Diva has offered the boys a sweet treat.
  • 30. Sexted And Friends: RedHanded

    William and Jordan welcome Hannah and Suruthi into the Sexted studio for a RedHanded special episode. Hear all about the Twin Flames Universe before the boys share dilemmas on leaving WhatsApp groups and chatting sex with your parents!
  • 29. Help I Knocked Out My Driving Instructor

    Despite Jordan's new early starts, he's enjoying a G&D and chatting about being totally over stag dos after his weekend in (surprise, surprise) Benidorm. Plus, William's been successfully decorated and is vowing to do no innuendos on next week's episode. The boys also answer dilemmas about masked neighbours and knocking out a driving instructor.
  • 28. Slurping, Singing and Sprinkling

    After lots of G&Divas messaged about coming to see Sexted on the big screen, William recounts a traumatic cinema faux pas from his student days. The lads go through some of your first song purchases and the podcast has started to seep into nurseries!
  • 27. Help This D Tastes Funny

    There’s finally some international D in the studio (courtesy of Chairman Emeritus Stuart), and the boys are quick to wrap their lips around it. But things quickly turn sour as there seems to be some TikTok tension. Fortunately your dilemmas are here to bring them back together as they ponder great questions like, what to do when your parents announce they’re on OnlyFans?
  • 26. Wildlife, Wardrobes and William's Register

    Everyone's in prep mode for the big tour with William planning his glamorous stage outfit and Jordan still toying with the idea of telling us the infamous Guinness joke. The boys also hear from G&Divas with their own frozen animal stories, and they’re a hoot (pun intended). Plus, mascot memories are confirmed!
  • 25. Help We’re Hitting The Big Screen

    There’s big news on this episode of Sexted, as William and Jordan announce that the Sexted tour will be broadcast live into cinemas! Plus, the boys battle through their ailments to give advice on eating with chopsticks, rogue pants and what to do when you soil yourself in public.
  • 24. Chocolate, Confirmation and Charles Dickens

    William and Jordan are celebrating Easter by sharing lots of responses and follow ups to your problems and dilemmas, including chat about transcriptions and a misunderstood lyric. Plus, there’s a spectacular rant about people who work in public relations and an invitation to enjoy Poppins Down Under.