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Christina Rivera, founder and host of Savvy Broadcasting has more than twenty-five years of experience in the field corporate finance.Savvy was founded in 2012 to supports business owners in sharing their expertise, know

Tips for Launching a Successful Business with BabyQuip CEO, Fran Maier

Fran Maier is a serial entrepreneur and brand builder with over 25 years experience in B2C and B2B internet businesses. She is best known for her 10+ years leading TRUSTe (now TrustArc), the leading privacy trustmark and compliance provider, and as Co-Founder and first General Manager of speaks widely on several topics relating to women in business, including opportunities for women in the collaborative economy, addressing the lucrative family travel segment, women in entrepreneurship and on boards. She serves as an advisor to many start-ups including Portfolia, Women’s Start-up Lab,, Kango, and Dabbl.Fran is featured as an expert in the documentary film about entrepreneurship entitled “She Started It.” With Emmy Award winning journalist Kym McNicholas, she hosted a radio show/podcast called "Female Seeking Start-up" which featured interviews with female entrepreneurs. In 2016, Fran was honored by the Stanford Graduate School of Business with the Jerry I. Porras Latino Leadership Award. In 2015, she was named one of “100 Most Influential Women in Technology” by Hot Topics. In 2011, San Francisco Business Times named Fran among the 150 Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business and in 2010, AlwaysOn named her among the Top 25 Women in Tech to Watch in Silicon Valley. She served on the board of GE Capital Bank until it was sold in 2016. In addition, she is a Member of Women Corporate Directors and is former Chair of the Steering Committee for Stanford Women on Boards. In 2012, Fran completed the Stanford Rock Center for Corporate Governance Director's College.Fran holds a BA and MBA from Stanford University. She lives in San Francisco and Santa Fe and is the mother of two grown sons. www.babyquip.comCODE: SAVVY20% on rentals of $100 or more from 09/15/2022 to 10/31/2022 (rentals and cleaning, new customers only)

Activate Your Skin...The Power of Antioxidants with Dr. Marta Pazos

Supported by a BSc. in Chemistry, MS in Polymer Science and doctorate in Polymer Chemistry, Dr. Marta began a fifteen-year journey into the health and beauty industry ultimately leading to the founding of “dr. mp”, a company dedicated to among other things, formulating skincare products for private labels. And to think it all began with a pimple.Growing up in Spain, Dr. Marta got what many young teens come to dread – a pimple. Driven by a strong curiosity to learn about skincare products, she began to research labels, actives, and test all hypotheses and ideas. Her passion for all matters of the skin grew throughout her college and graduate school years, fueled by an increased understanding of chemistry and its never-ending applications to the betterment of the health and beauty of skin. This passion led to the beginning of her career in the health and beauty industry.Dr. Marta Pazos established her own company, “dr. mp”. Applying her never-ending creativity to formulate products such as “Rejuvalift”, a face rejuvenation formula, Dr. Marta is now using her expertise as a formulator to develop skincare lines for private labels, startups and companies that wish to extend their product lines.Besides the science of skincare, Dr. Marta has accumulated expertise in packaging materials and their interaction/stability/toxicity when in contact with product. In fact, her passion for preserving the environment led her to join the board of “”; a fund dedicated solely to the promotion of businesses centered in circular economy.Dr. Marta’s deep knowledge and expertise in polymers, metals, glass, coatings, composites, UV curables, protective and decorative technologies have been used in numerous other applications such as additive manufacturing/ 3D printing, construction (adhesives and coatings), appliances, devices and more.After living in seven different countries, Dr. Marta now resides in Atlanta, Georgia with Tokyo and Neko, her two Bengal cats.