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Vintage Visionaries: The Fly Wines Story, with Stephanie Franklin


Stephanie Franklin, the Founder and CEO of Fly Wines, stands as a passionate advocate for exceptional wines and underrepresented winemakers. With a dedication to bridging international vineyards and American enthusiasts, Stephanie established Fly Wines as a minority-owned company. Her mission revolves around curating a diverse selection of wines that not only tell stories but also honor unique terroirs and the craftsmanship of talented winemakers worldwide. In her role as a minority-owned business leader, Stephanie takes pride in contributing significantly to the cultural and economic tapestry of the wine industry. By forging meaningful relationships with independent wineries, she aims to empower voices that have historically been underrepresented. Inclusivity and authenticity serve as the guiding principles shaping every aspect of Fly Wines' operations. Stephanie warmly invites wine enthusiasts to explore the world of fine wines through Fly Wines. Together, they can raise a glass in celebration of diversity, cultural exchange, and the shared delight of discovering exceptional wines from across the globe. At the forefront of introducing American wine enthusiasts to a world of flavors, one bottle at a time, Stephanie invites everyone to join in the celebration of the artistry of winemaking and embark on a delightful journey of discovery with Fly Wines.

đź“‹ Episode Chapters

(00:00) Stephanie Franklin is the CEO of Fly Wines

(01:11) Fly wines are curated wines for people to try from different vineyards

(08:42) Fly Wines strives to exceed customer expectations with its wine boxes

(09:47) There are always hurdles along the way when starting a new business

(12:37) Stephanie Franklin: Fly Wines is launching a wine subscription program

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