Tarmac Warriors


The Fruit of Compliance

Hear the word “compliance” and you think about a bunch of rules designed to cramp your style. Mango importer and fellow business traveler, Michael Warren, sits down with host Heather Greenwood Davis to discuss how compliance helps him do his job better – deliver delicious mangoes to Americans. He compares it to how adhering to compliance in business travel can help all travelers do their jobs better. We also hear from industry experts on the latest compliance rules that are making international travel more frictionless and secure. If you’re involved in business travel in any way, please listen now.




Michael Warren, National Mango Board, CAPCO Farms

Madhulika Dash, Kalinga Stories

Michael Nelson, Direct Travel

Gus Vonderheide, Hyatt Hotels

Bernardo Malo, REFIN S.A. 

Suzanne Sangiovese, Riskline


Host: Heather Greenwood Davis, Travel Writer