Tarmac Warriors

  • The Fruit of Compliance

    Hear the word “compliance” and you think about a bunch of rules designed to cramp your style. Mango importer and fellow business traveler, Michael Warren, sits down with host Heather Greenwood Davis to discuss how compliance helps him do his job better – deliver delicious mangoes to Americans. He compares it to how adhering to compliance in business travel can help all travelers do their jobs better. We also hear from industry experts on the latest compliance rules that are making international travel more frictionless and secure. If you’re involved in business travel in any way, please listen now.  Guests:Michael Warren, National Mango Board, CAPCO FarmsMadhulika Dash, Kalinga StoriesMichael Nelson, Direct TravelGus Vonderheide, Hyatt HotelsBernardo Malo, REFIN S.A. Suzanne Sangiovese, Riskline Host: Heather Greenwood Davis, Travel Writer
  • Can Ice Save the Planet?

    In 2020, when the world, and travel, went into pandemic lockdown, air quality improved globally, animals reclaimed their territories, and nature flourished. Our host Heather Greenwood Davis sits down with legendary climatologist, and business traveler, Dr. Lonnie Thompson, to discuss how to balance traveling for work while simultaneously trying to be more sustainable. We also hear from industry experts on emerging green initiatives in the travel ecosystem, and how we can each play a role in minimizing our footprint. If you’re involved in business travel in any way, please press play. Guests:Dr. Lonnie Thompson, Paleoclimatologist Gus Vonderheide, Hyatt HotelsEva Ramirez, The Forward LabCecilia Walter, TedX Coach, Ohio State University StudentSarah Wilkin, Fly Green AllianceAndrew Charlton, Aviation Advocacy Host: Heather Greenwood Davis, Travel Writer
  • The Siren Call of the Waves

    Meet a fellow business traveler who happens to be in the business of surfing the biggest waves in the world. Join host Heather Greenwood Davis as she sits down with Andrea Moller, a record-holding big wave surfer to discuss her approach to safety and how putting her life in the hands of the mighty oceans compares to entrusting her life to the vast international travel ecosystem. You’ll also hear from industry experts who’ll share the latest safety innovations that are helping make both surfing and travel safer. If you’re a business traveler or someone who’s helping business travelers get back on the road, please listen now. Guests:           Andrea Moller, Pro Big Wave Surfer and ParamedicAndrew Reinhart, Patagonia Elliot Kreitenberg, Dimer UVC InnovationsTom Sanderson, Boeing Brian Keaulana, BWRAG Host: Heather Greenwood Davis, Travel Writer
  • Introducing: Tarmac Warriors

    A sneak peek at a new series about where business travel is going.