Tarmac Warriors


Can Ice Save the Planet?

In 2020, when the world, and travel, went into pandemic lockdown, air quality improved globally, animals reclaimed their territories, and nature flourished. Our host Heather Greenwood Davis sits down with legendary climatologist, and business traveler, Dr. Lonnie Thompson, to discuss how to balance traveling for work while simultaneously trying to be more sustainable. We also hear from industry experts on emerging green initiatives in the travel ecosystem, and how we can each play a role in minimizing our footprint. If you’re involved in business travel in any way, please press play.



Dr. Lonnie Thompson, Paleoclimatologist 

Gus Vonderheide, Hyatt Hotels

Eva Ramirez, The Forward Lab

Cecilia Walter, TedX Coach, Ohio State University Student

Sarah Wilkin, Fly Green Alliance

Andrew Charlton, Aviation Advocacy


Host: Heather Greenwood Davis, Travel Writer

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