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Basement Ships and Tennis Trouble

What do you do when your S.O. takes a tennis court out from under the noses of some pretty cool people who may or may not be Kelly and Colin (but are definitely two strangers in a hypothetical scenario that has nothing to do with half the hosts of this show)? Then, it's sort of a walk to explain why this week's topic is "Basement Ships" but it is. Fraggle Rock! Elmo! That 70s Show! Wayne's World! Sopranos!

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  • Cruise Ships 2 Part II and First Edition Nightmare

    What do you do when your super sweet, super thoughtful wedding present reveals that your man has been WAITING for the perfect moment to leave you for some mystery girl? Then, look, Tom Cruise will die making these Mission Impossible movies for us some day, AND IT WILL BE WORTH IT. It means it's time for Cruise Ships 2 Part III (or is it Cruise Ships 3 Part 2?). Mission Impossible! Interview with the Vampire! Collateral! A Few Good Men!
  • Superman Special

    What do you do when your contributions to rock and roll are being overlooked by your bandmate? Do you confess your inventions sorta suck? Then, there's a new Superman show, which means it's time to talk about all our favorite Clarks and Loises!
  • Whip Ships and I Need You to Trust Me

    What do you do when your cagey SO has to disappear for days at a time, and when you press them for explanation, all they can ask is that you "trust them"? Why, you go downstairs and marry them of course! Then, dust off your fedoras, there's a new Indiana Jones movie in the theatres, which means it's time to talk Whip Ships! Batman Returns! Iron Man II! Scott Pilgrim vs. the World! Toy Story! Tenacious D!
  • Wes Anderson Ships and Action Scientist Again

    What do you do when you find yourself re-embroiled in Meg-related attacks? You suit up and fight that thing: what other choice ya got? Then, Asteroid City is in wide release so it's time to stare dead-eyed directly into the camera and ship all things Wes Anderson.
  • Elemental Ships and Flipping Out Nine Times

    How can you even go on when a swing dancer at a wedding flips your wife like 9 times? You can't sleep! Your neighbor sends a pig wearing a mask into your home through the doggie door! Your life is in shambles, which means: you're a Tim Robinson character. (It's so good to have new I Think You Should Leave.) Then, the new Pixar film Elemental looks like shit, but it is out now, which means we're talking Elemental Ships! Avatar the Last Airbender! Star Wars: The High Republic! Little Nemo The Dream Master! Sky High! The X-Men!
  • Crawl Ships and Playback Payback

    What do you do when you should be fighting vampires, but instead you have to be the cool teacher? Or maybe the negligent, absentee teacher? Look, we don't say it a lot, but: maybe call the cops? Then, Diablo IV is out and offering countless dungeons through which to crawl, which means we're going Crawl Ships! Girls! Secretary! 12 Minutes! The Superior Spider-Man! Star Wars!
  • Survivor Ships and a Whirlwind Wedding

    Star Wars Jedi Survivor is out today and it looks like it's good, so the Shipple Dips are talking Survivor Ships!
  • Violin Ships and the Height of Betrayal

    What do you do when you're in an intense climbing situation with another person and it turns out they were totally boning your ex? You swallow your pride and SURVIVE. Then, Chavalier is in theatres which means the Dips are shipping Violin Ships! Who will wind up with Dr. Michael Morbius this week?
  • Suck Ships and They're Saying it's Not a Real Show

    What do you do when Colin forces you to consider a hypothetical situation from the perspective of a Tim Robinson character? Then, Chupa is out on Netflix, which I guess means it's time for Suck Ships? Ships that suck! Movies that suck! Episodes of good TV shows that suck! And, inevitably, a living vampire man who sucks... blood, that is!