Salad Days

Meaningful conversations with your favourite musicians talking about how and why they started playing music.Each episode features an embryonic recording from their earliest days, with stories of humble artist beginnings.
Sunday, May 7, 2023

Episode #6 - Dave Clark (Woodshed Orchestra, Rheostatics, more)

Ep. 6
On this sixth episode of the podcast, Dave sits down 'drummer to drummer' to discuss a rich musical and personal history. We hit on topics like the honesty of Rush, first drum kits, and the smell of a great steak dinner. Dave reflects on his hidden love for rock and roll bombast that came out when spitting out water onstage at the Government, just like his hero Bill Bruford. We learn the common themes across all Dave's adventures including teaching, learning, and friendship.www.thewoodshedorchestra.com Days Theme by Overnight: https://gillismusicarchive.bandcamp.comLemonade Dave Jingle: