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Intimacy for Earthlings

Ep. 94

Join Christine in this episode on reconciling with our earthling selves, letting ourselves be enveloped by the Gaiasphere, and the link between the personal and the planetary.

We talk about how psychology as we know it has put far too much emphasis and pressure on the interior self and left the interconnecting field and ecology of the collective out of the picture, and how changing that can make all of us more sane and healthy. We talk tenderness, wonder, awe, Hippocrates, Balinese indigenous farming rituals, practices for reconnecting, the new animism and more.

Special Guest: Traditional Rice Farmer and Educator Ni Komaing Desiani (Dessy) from Klungkung province in Bali

Mentioned in this episode:

  • Reese Jones
  • Berend von Maydell
  • John McCaull
  • Julian McCaull and Environment Magazine
  • John McClellan
  • Theodore Roszak
  • John Seed
  • Joanna Macy
  • Connor Sleeper
  • Breast Cancer Prevention Partners
  • Rosebud Woman
  • Cleaner Beauty Bill

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  • 106. Ecstatic Together: Singing, Healing and Flow States with Claire Victor

    Today, we delve into the world of bringing people together through the magic of ecstatic singing and the transformative potential of sound healing ceremonies. Join us as we explore the process of forming musical groups, sound healing, and the personal music journey of the enchantress and sound ceremonialist, Claire Victor.Claire is a transformational sound artist specializing in vocal coaching that helps develop self-confidence and personal empowerment. She is also a spiritual coach and Shamanic sound practitioner using the ancient art of sound healing to reduce stress and expand horizons. Dare to be seen and step into the dream of a life beyond your wildest imagination.In this episode, we cover:What it’s like to bring together people in a choir?The process of forming the groupsClaire’s music journey What is the Circle Fifths?Plants and Medicine SongsWhat to expect on joining a sound healing ceremony for the first time?On healing grief through music and soundImportance of breathwork and sensualityA440 pitch explained  Helpful links:Claire Victor - Check out her Soundcloud. For Inquiries, Vocalist@comcast.netThe Nine Gifts First Aid for Mind, Body and Spirit by Christine Marie MasonThe Healing Power of Voice interview with Anandra GeorgeMusicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain by Oliver SacksMantra: Sounds Into SilenceWhere Do We Go Now?Find Rosebud Woman on Instagram as @rosebudwoman, Christine on Instagram as @the.rose.womanListen, Like, Share & Subscribe on Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Youtube 
  • 105. AI and the Average Jane: Your Best Ally Ever, or Existential Threat to Humanity?

    Join Christine in this solo episode as she shares her thoughts on the recent emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its profound impact on our lives. We can't ignore the important issues at play: the ethical dilemmas we face, the potential biases, and the responsibility we carry. Tune in close as we embark on this quest for understanding more about AI.In this episode, we cover:Examples of efficiently using AI in daily lifeComparison with the Google search engineDifferent AI apps that are availableIssues surrounding AIThoughts on the future of AIWhat is Transhumanism?In dealing with AI  Helpful links:ChatGPT4 - an artificial intelligence chatbotPiel - skin cancer detection - Perplexity gives you instant answers and information on any topic, with up-to-date - AI search engineMidjourney - a generative artificial intelligence programThe Creative Act: A Way of Being by Rick RubinThe Theory of the Leisure Class by Thorstein VeblenThe seven stages of the AIpocalypse by Tam HuntMark WhitwellA.I. Poses ‘Risk of Extinction,’ Industry Leaders Warn by Kevin RooseFind Rosebud Woman on Instagram as @rosebudwoman, Christine on Instagram as @the.rose.woman, and on Tiktok as @therosewoman108.Listen, Like, Share & Subscribe on Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Youtube
  • 104. Talking Tantra with Tantric Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach Lauren Searles

    Today, we are joined by none other than Lauren Searles. Lauren is a certified Tantric Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach, Yogini, Healer, and Erotic Writer, residing amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Hawaiian Islands.With over 15 years of hands-on experience as a sacred sexual healer, her intensive study of Tantra led her to India where she was initiated into the Sri Vidya lineage. Her teachers include Psalm Isadora, Christopher Wallis, and Paul Muller-Ortega. Lauren is certified through the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality with a 800-hour Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching Certification via Layla Martin. Although she specializes in men’s sexuality and empowerment, it is her life’s passion for all humans to thrive in love and to have authentic, soul-satisfying connections, but most importantly to be at home within themselves. In this conversational and accessible episode, Lauren provides valuable insights, techniques, and practices to help us deepen our connection with ourselves, our partners, and the universe. We cover:Tantra and Neo-TantraSelf-love practicesWhat happens in a traditional neo-tantra containerDefining boundaries and responsibilitiesSigns that someone is over their limitThoughts on working with menCultivating play in daily lifeFinding your teacher...AND MORE  Helpful links:Lauren Searles - a certified Tantric Love Coach, Heartbreak Healer, Yogini, and Erotic Writer living in Los Angeles, California.Follow her on Instagram @loveangelcoach and Facebook @loveangelcoachingSundari GardensAbraham HicksLayla MartinPsalm IsadoraDevi PuramChristopher Wallis aka Hareesh - scholar-practitioner of Classical Tantra Paul Muller-OrtegaSteven Louis Carter Margot AnandSky Dancing TantraChristopher TompkinsShiva ReaPeter A Levine, PhDFind Rosebud Woman on Instagram as @rosebudwoman
  • 103. Adventures in Embodied Truth with WomanSpeak founder KC Baker

    Welcome to today's episode where we are joined by KC Baker founder of WomanSpeak, an international organization of women’s speaking circles around the world. She’s a women’s thought leadership & public speaking trainer and a speechwriter. Throughout this episode, KC shares her journey and unique approach to supporting women in finding their authentic power, connecting to their divine essence, and overcoming shame, fear, and self-doubt.She has spoken and taught her unique body of work at the United Nations in Switzerland, was an advisor on Authentic Communication for Senator Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, and has supported women in speaking on stages like TED, Bioneers, the American Heart Association, Wisdom 2.0, and Emerging Women. She is also a mama, a stewardess of sacred land in Sedona Arizona, and a deep lover of nature. If you're looking for ways to connect to your feminine wisdom, enhance your self-expression, and step into your authentic power, then you won't want to miss this inspiring conversation with KC Baker.In this episode, we cover:What is the origin story of WomanSpeak?What is the difference between KC's approach and traditional public speaking coaching?The caress of breath practiceThe primal fear of being seen and finding internal safetyWhat is fertile listening?The evolution of WomanSpeak through the yearsSample of a typical local group sessionThe velvet flow and female Qi Gong explainedKC's present projects and initiativesHow are we related as an individual and as a collective?Helpful links:KC Baker - Founder of WomanSpeak. Check out her Instagram @Kc.baker and Facebook @kcbaker007The Metier of Blossoming by Denise LevertovLisa Betts-LaCroix: Artful AgingEpisode #88: The Embodied Crone, Polarity and Archetypes with Lisa Betts-LaCroixChantal Roelofs - WomanSpeak Circle LeaderFind Rosebud Woman on Instagram as @rosebudwoman, Christine on Instagram as @the.rose.woman, and on Tiktok as @therosewoman108.
  • 102. Ecology, Consciousness and Enchantment, with Tam Hunt

    Today’s guest is Tam Hunt, a lawyer by day, writer, and scholar by night. He works in green energy policy and is also an Affiliate Guest in Psychology in the META Lab at UCSB, where he studies consciousness. He is developing on a General Resonance Theory of consciousness, which is slowly gaining notoriety in academic and popular circles. We discuss philosophy, consciousness, and how it resonates and relates to us in our daily lives. In this episode: -How are philosophy, nature of consciousness, and environmentalism related?-Animism and Panpsychism-Eco, Ego, Eros: Essays in Philosophy, Spirituality, and Science-Hawaii and Tropical worldviews -Hopi Worldview and shifting languages structures-Process philosophy-Application of the worldviews discussed-Thoughts on the emergence of Artificial Intelligence  Helpful Links:Tam Hunt - Lawyer by day and writer and scholar by night. Follow him on Facebook for updates on his new bookThe Mind's I: Fantasies And Reflections On Self & Soul by Daniel Dennett and Douglas R. HofstadterGödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas R. HofstadterCharles EisensteinThe Culture of Counter-Culture: Edited Transcripts by Alan WattsEco, Ego, Eros: Essays in Philosophy, Spirituality and Science by Tam HuntLanguage, Thought, and Reality: Selected Writings of Benjamin Lee WhorfShapeshifters: A History by John B. Kachuba Sundari Writers Day: Writing from the Body with Christine Marie Mason and Tam HuntFind Rosebud Woman on Instagram as @rosebudwoman, Christine on Instagram as @the.rose.woman, and on Tiktok as @therosewoman108.
  • 101.2. BONUS EPISODE: Body Love Special! Transforming the Body Relationship: Body Love Journal Launch

    Today, we love to introduce to you the NEW *2023 Edition* Body Love Journal from @rosebudwoman Are your beliefs about your body helpful? Did you choose them or were they given to you? I invite you into a structured nine-week journaling process, beginning with intention setting, moving into seven themed weeks of inquiry, and closing with integration. Each day includes a journal prompt and a checklist of self-love and self-care suggestions.Become content with the body, enjoying it and treating it right because it’s how you’d treat anything you love. Without body anxiety, mind space is freed up for a hundred other potential activities. One thing is true: bodies are miraculous. Our polymorphic diverse embodiment constitutes the beauty of the human species.Unhelpful beliefs can be unwound.The inquiry questions in the new journal are designed to help evoke and examine the cultural beliefs we’ve inherited about the body. They are questions about sex, shape, size, function, illness, and aging. About who your body belongs to, and who can make decisions about it. About what it can eat or drink or ingest. What medical procedures are allowed and disallowed—even about how your body should be dressed? We ask things like: “Is your body here to please others?” “How is a person's body related to a person’s worth?”Body Love Journaling, and the suggested self-care practices in the checklists, are designed to support a reintegration: a restitching together of the body, mind, and spirit.Thank you for considering this practice for yourself and as a gift to others.Love,ChristineIn this episode, we cover:What to expect in this 2023 editionJournal's outlineSuggested self-care practicesWhere to buyHelpful Links:BUY the NEW *2023 Edition* Body Love JournalBUY the Anoint Body Love Gift Set *Featuring Revised 2023 Body Love Journal* - This set contains our Anoint Nourishing Body Oil, our Perfect Skin Brush, and our newly revised 2023 hardcover Body Love Journal in our Limited Edition Cotton Zipper Pouch.Find Rosebud Woman on Instagram as @rosebudwoman, Christine on Instagram as @the.rose.woman, and on Tiktok as @therosewoman108.Listen, Like, Share & Subscribe on Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Youtube
  • 101. The Right to Leave, Aggressive Exes and Gracious Endings

    When we fall in love, we often believe our relationship will last forever. Except sometimes it doesn't go well and breakups happen.Today we’re going to talk about what to do when you think it's time to end your relationship--your right to leave. You may be in a relationship that has been on for a long time and you have kids, but it's very difficult for you to communicate it or accept it. We will be sharing some references along the way for further reading.This episode may be hard for some of you who are currently going through a breakup. Always remember, you're not alone!In this episode, we cover:The reasons for ending a relationshipSensory Addiction and overcoming itWhat to do to move forward gracefullyBiological DetoxWhat to do when ex-partner is vindictive and abusiveCo-parenting your childrenThe concept of Karma TheoryThoughts on Self-care, forgiving, and free will  Helpful Links:In Praise of Their Divorce by Tony HoaglandNVC Academy by Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg Anatomy of Love by Dr. Helen Fisher.Science of Relationships by Gary W. LewandowskiThe Relationships And Motivation Lab by Eli J. FinkelBooks by Bella DePauloThe Fight for Privacy by Danielle CitronBooks by Dr. Brian H. SpitzbergSocial and Emotional Development:by Dr. Karen H. Rosen
  • 100. Call the Midwife! Holistic Care Models

    Hello and welcome to our 100th episode! Whether you’ve been listening since episode one, or if this is your first episode, we are so grateful to everyone who’s come along on this journey with us. To celebrate this week, Allison Tartari of Tourmaline Collective will join us to discuss the power and importance of education and community gathering to assist women in their pregnancy journey. Allison found her way to midwifery care through the pregnancy and birth of her fourth child. She knew she wanted to help support women during pregnancy and avoid the unnecessary interventions she encountered with her other children. She became passionate about educating families on other, safer options for birth. She became a D.O.N.A trained doula. Out of this passion for holistic, integrative healthcare Tourmaline Birth and Wellness Center was born.Their goal is to make midwifery care accessible to all women no matter their background or financial status and to educate the community on the benefits of midwifery care. Let’s dive in!In this episode, we cover:What do midwives do and what is the support they give?What is the cause behind the postpartum wave?Advantages of getting support from a  communityThe Ideal birth team and ExpectationsSelf-care as a ceremonyIn creating your birth plan and planning aheadBox for Loss and other initiativesWomen's rituals and coping with postpartum depression or miscarriage.  Helpful Links:Allison Tartari - Licensed Midwife and founder of Tourmaline Birth and Wellness Collective.Thrive Wellness Collective - a 501c3, strives to make midwifery and holistic healthcare accessible to everyone no matter their economic status. Donate to help provide prenatal-postpartum services to women that deserve and desire this care. Box For Loss - came together organically as a way to support women through miscarriage & pregnancy loss. We the product details hereFor updates follow them on Facebook @tourmalinecollective and Instagram @tourmaline_collective Find Rosebud Woman on Instagram as @rosebudwoman, Christine on Instagram as @the.rose.womanListen, Like, Share & Subscribe on Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts
  • 99. My Little Yoni: Changing the Body Story for Our Girls with Ariel Saint White

    This week on the Rose Woman Podcast, we welcome Ariel Saint White, Founder of My Little Yoni (the world’s first vulva superhero!) Ariel's vision is to break down taboos and give parents & kids quality, body-positive education. Her 10-book sex education series has been featured in Entrepreneur and is lauded by parents as a solution to making ‘the talk’ easier and more approachable.Whether set on the stage, a wall, the screen, or the page, Ariél’s art focuses on the themes of eros, female sovereignty, and connecting with nature in the technological age.​ So Listen in and learn more about My Little Yoni!In this episode, we cover:What is Yoni?What we can learn from the Dutch sex education curriculumMy Little Yoni’s design explained and the YoniverseOn opening conversations early about sex educationYoni Magic book seriesImportance of ConsentControversial topics, inclusivity, and  honoring motherhoodProjects and Initiatives Helpful Links:Ariel Saint-White - Founder of My Little Yoni, the world’s first vulva superheroFollow on Facebook and Instagram @mylittleyoniYoni Magic: 10 Book BundleThe New Birds and Bees: Teaching Kids about Boundaries and Consent (2018)13 Essential Sex Education GuideMind ValleyPeriod.orgThe Floating Poem, Unnumbered by Adrienne Rich Find Rosebud Woman on Instagram as @rosebudwoman, Christine on Instagram as @the.rose.woman, and on Tiktok as @therosewoman108.Listen, Like, Share & Subscribe on Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Youtube