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Ep. 14

Adam Lawrence is genuinely one of my favourite people to talk shop with. He has a brilliant brain and has a fantastic balance of theory and how that theory behaves in reality from a holistic and granular level.

He has a background in wealth management and sports betting businesses as well as a MBNA in Business.

He has built up a residential portfolio from scratch which now has over 200 properties and despite being based in Birmingham his portfolio spans through Scotland, Wales and England.

He has added an asset management arm to his business and is continuing to grow this side of his business through acquiring more lettings agents and he still made time to found a daytime property networking event that holds monthly events in Southampton, London, Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester. 

We discussed all the above in detail with an emphasis on;

Managing risk,

Managing business relationships,

Understanding Reality vs what was expected,

Scaling the business...

And lots more. 

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  • 89. Scrapping of EPC targets - Anna Clare Harper

    I am joined in this episode by Anna Clare Harper. Anna's career has focused on strategic residential investments throughout regulatory and market changes which made me very eager to speak to her about the Governments recent scrapping of EPC targets and what that means for property investors.We discuss;How EPC targets align with the two main Policy trends which are cross party agreement on making the private rental sector more professional and the legally binding target of reaching net zero by 2050.Why the target that was scrapped was impossible to achieve.Why EPC calculations are not fit for purpose.Why investors should continue to ensure their properties are as Energy Efficient as possible.Why the UK housing stock leaks the most energy in EuropeSuggestions of some policies that could be put in place for a more sustainable housing market.You can read more about Anna's suggestions in A Vision for the UK Housing Market - Cambridge University Land Society's Whitehall Group - you can find more information on her career and business below as well as her podcast.annaclareharper.comgreenresi.comLinkedIn
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    Building a short term rental portfolio of 6000 units accross 7 countries in a short space of time is an incredible achievement!And this is one of the incredible feats my guest on the latest rodcast episode being released tomorrow has done.Alexander Limpert Co founder and CEO of GuestReady tells us about;How he identified the short term rental industry as one he wanted to be in.What makes a good property for short term let's.How does the industry differs across countries and what can the UK market learn from other locations.What data and trends he sees that may surprise us.How tech has enabled incredible growth and quality.Lessons he has learned that he wished he knew when he started out.Challenges in scaling the business.The biggest risks to Short Term Rental industry.You can find more info on Guestready at
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    In this episode I am joined by James Nevin the CEO of Blue engineering and Re Structured to discuss the importance of structural design on projects.We discuss;James' background.The concept behind Re structured.Traps that SME developers get caught in when choosing a structural engineer.What developers should consider before they go ahead with a structural engineer.The different types of costs associated with structural design and how to reduce them.And lots more.
  • 86. Q2 Investment Mastermind 04/07/23

    Manish Kataria and Adam Lawrence join me once again to discuss our latest quarterly investment picks.If this is your first time listening to the Quarterly Investment Mastermind we each pick a stock, Bond, ETF or any other investment asset class and explain our reasoning and then open it up for comments to the others.In this episode we discuss what has happened in Asset Classes for the first half of the Year with the Nasdaq having its best H1 of all time and the big tech names holding up the S&P500 whilst FTSE 100 has not done much.We then go onto our picks. Whilst we all agreed that many REITs look good value at the moment we each chose the following;Adam chose an Indian Tech consulting company, Infosys (INFY)Manish chose an Emerging Markets ETF, iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets (EMIM)And I chose Agilon Health Inc (AGL) an American Health Platform for Seniors.Have a Listen to find out our reasoning.
  • Property News Update - Inflation & Interest Rates with Adam Lawrence 26/06/23

    In this episode Adam and I discuss;The latest Inflation Print.The Bank of Englands Response.What are the tools that the Bank of England has at its disposal to reduce Inflation.Demand vs Supply Inflation Issues.What this means for Property Investors.Some traps that Property Investors should be concerned about.And much moreIf you are interested in The 7 day Property Business retreat that Adam and myself run along with Sue Sims in October please email
  • 84. Coping With Challenging Times in Business - Matt Haycox

    I was fortunate to get to speak with Matt Haycox who has a fascinating story of building an empire only to lose it all and having to start over.In the episode we discuss;How he got into business.What motivated him.Some of the businesses he built.His Ventures into the leisure industry.His Debt fuelled expansion.The fallout from Bankruptcy.How he started again and went into the industry that was on the other side of the table when his previous businesses became insolvent.What he deems as secure assets.How challenging times build resilience which is such an important trait for successful business owners.The dangers of expectations vs reality.What success looks like to him.Capital Intensive Businesses.Easy Capital keeps poor businesses in business.His thoughts on social media and lots more...You can find out more about Matt's story and his businesses here
  • 83. Property News Update with Tony Houlihan 19/05/23

    Myself and Tony Houlihan delve into the detail behind the latest property news headlines to make sense of the stories.In this episode we discuss details on ;The Renters Reform BillPurple Bricks bought out for £1.100% Mortgages are back.£250 million Investment into Stockport City Centre.If you are interested in attending this years Property Business Retreat please email
  • 82. Property Cash Buying Company - Jason Harris-Cohen

    I spoke to Jason Harris-Cohen to understand what's involved in scaling a Property Cash Buying Business. It really was a fascinating discussion hearing about Jason's career and how he started and scaled Open Property Group Jason clearly understands every aspect of his industry and how to optimise his business. We discussed everything from;- Raising finance- What properties to target.- Reasons people sell to cash buying companies.- Carrying out Due Diligence at speed.- Deciding whether to sell a property or hold it in the investment portfolio.- Lead generation.- Cost per acquisition.- Government Intervention.- SDLT Reliefs on breaking chains and new builds.- Macro Environment.- Adapting a business.- And lots more.Please don't forget to give the Rodcast a 5 star review on the platform you listen to podcasts on and share the episode with any friends.Many Thanks as always to our sponsors
  • 81. Auctions Data - David Sandeman

    I was joined by David Sandeman who really does know it all when it comes to property auctions in the UK.He tells us;The background to setting up his business 33 years ago Essential Information Group which is a comprehensive data and reporting system for UK property auctions. It has data on over 800,000 auction lots with 35,000 added each year.Why auctions are a useful precursor to what happens in the wider property market.What metrics should be used to judge different auctions if looking to sell or buy at auctions.The effect Covid has had on auctions.Some of the tricks of the trade and traps to watch out for if you are buying at auctions.Current auction stock levels and what that means.And lots more.EIG sends out a fantastic newsletter each month which you can find here. always huge thanks to the sponsors of the episode podcast attracts great guests from our listeners sharing the episodes with friends and leaving us good reviews on the podcast platforms. Please help us to grow by doing so.