Rocket Fuel: Youth Marketing


The Future of Social Platforms (Louise Richardson, Pinterest)

Season 2, Ep. 15

Louise Richardson is the Director of Marketing, Europe at Pinterest.

Once an “idiot 21-year-old rocking up to London” - her words, not ours - Louise Richardson has cemented herself as an inexpendable asset, and unabashedly raging fan, of Pinterest. With her formative years being spent at the likes of Mindshare and Snap Inc, Louise brings a razor sharp knowledge of the social media landscape with her to Pinterest, and this week’s discussion.

Rather than being a space for highlight reels; what has happened, like so many other social medias, Pinterest is a future-facing social media service, galvanising the inspiration and imagination of its users. Though a late comer to the social media space, relative to the founding years of the biggest social platforms today, Pinterest has captured the attention and admiration of over 250 million people around the world, bringing each of them closer to living the Pinterest ethos of creating a life you love.

This is Louise Richardson’s Rocket Fuel.

Topics of discussion include: mentorship, diversity of experience and personality, the future of commuting, how Pinterest is different, brand integration and Gen Z/Zoomers, 


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