Rejuvenaging with Dr. Ron Kaiser


Using Astrology as Therapy with Lisa Tahir

Ep. 57

Have you thought about astrology as more than just a horoscope sign? 

Even if you’re an astrology buff, the word “Chiron” might not ring any bells. Most people have not heard of the concept of Chiron, let alone know what their Chiron is and how it can be used to help them recover from trauma.

Each and every one of us has a unique Chiron based off of our natal charts that pinpoints our deepest spiritual wound and how we can heal from it. In today’s episode, my guest, Lisa, dives further into Chiron. She explains her introduction to Chiron, how she applies Chiron with her clients, and why her new book The Chiron Effect should be everyone’s next read. 

Lisa Tahir is a therapist, licensed social worker, thought coach, podcaster, and newly published author, just to name a few of her impressive titles. She runs a private practice in her hometown of New Orleans as well as Los Angeles, flying between both places consistently while also hosting the podcast “All Things Therapy”. Lisa’s new book The Chiron Effect dives into her passion for using astrology as a tool to heal our core wounds. Although using astrology isn’t common in psychology, Lisa’s connection between the two has impressed many people, including the Dalai Lama who has endorsed The Chiron Effect.


Lisa is committed to empowering people to heal themselves through her work and the tools she provides.


Learn about how astrology might just be the tool for you to begin your healing journey while you listen in on Episode 57 of Rejuvenaging.


Questions I Ask:

  • Can you tell us a little bit about how you became you? (7:01)
  • What does therapy look like when their therapist is Lisa Tahir? (12:09)
  • Do all people in therapy seem to have wounds they have to overcome? (13:14)
  • How did you find a connection between astrology and science and how does it work? (15:39)
  • What’s the goal of establishing knowledge of Chiron? (24:55)
  • Why should I choose this to be among the few books that I have time to read? (27:37)
  • What are some things that you absolutely fit in to make sure that your own wellness is going in the right direction? (33:25)
  • How do you balance living in two cities? (35:34)


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

●  How Lisa Became Interested in Her Line of Work (7:53)

●  Lisa’s Therapy Techniques (12:00)

●  Lisa’s Calling Through Chiron (17:22)

●  Dr. Ron’s Chiron (18:24)

●  The importance of Chiron for Couples (28:49)

●  Self-acceptance in Aging (30:58)

●  Lisa’s Meditation Routine (33:44)


Connect with Lisa:

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