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Rejuvenaging with Dr. Ron Kaiser

Unleashing Creativity and Joy Through Art with Jodie King

This enlightening episode of REJUVENAGINGⓇ with Dr. Ron Kaiser features Dr. Ron interviewing Jodie King, a professional artist, educator, and entrepreneur.  Jodie shares her unique journey of becoming an artist at the age of 35 and how she overcame early discouragement to pursue her passion for art. Known for her innovative online art and business courses, as well as her national and international workshops, Jodie's mission is to unleash the inner power, freedom, and joy in others through creativity. 

Jodie discusses the transformative power of art, emphasizing its ability to reduce stress, lower cortisol levels, and mimic the effects of meditation. She recounts her personal experiences of discovering the healing power of art and how it has positively impacted her life and the lives of others. Jodie also delves into the practical aspects of turning a passion for art into a thriving business, sharing valuable insights on marketing, social media, and reaching out to galleries and art consultants.

Dr. Ron and Jodie explore the idea that creativity is accessible to everyone, regardless of age or background. Jodie provides practical advice for beginners, encouraging listeners to start with simple materials and follow their curiosity. She highlights the importance of playfulness and joy in the creative process, underscoring the broader benefits of art for mental health and well-being.

Jodie invites the audience to follow her on Instagram and visit her website,, for more information about her workshops and online courses.

Join Dr. Ron and Jodie King for a conversation that is not only informative and entertaining but also deeply empowering, inspiring listeners to embrace their creative potential and bring more joy into their lives.


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    In this enlightening episode of REJUVENAGING with Dr. Ron Kaiser, we are joined by the internationally renowned Dr. Erika Schwartz. As a trailblazing longevity and hormone expert with over 30 years of experience, Dr. Erika shares her insights into the importance of bioidentical hormones and personalized care for achieving optimal health. She is the founder of Evolved Science in New York City and a best-selling author known for her Amazon chart-topping book, "The New Hormone Solution." Throughout the episode, she delves into her unique approach to longevity, emphasizing the need for passion, personalized care, and patient advocacy.She discusses the significance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through adequate sleep, regular exercise, and a balanced diet rich in vegetables, proteins, and healthy fats. She highlights the critical role muscles play in youthfulness and overall health, advocating for manageable weightlifting routines tailored to individual capabilities. Dr. Erika also touches on the importance of supplements, advising listeners to choose them wisely based on professional recommendations rather than trends or advertisements.A significant portion of the conversation between Dr. Erika and Dr. Ron revolves around the benefits of bioidentical hormones for both men and women. She  explains how these hormones, identical in molecular structure to those produced by the human body, can help mitigate the risks of age-related diseases such as heart disease, Alzheimer's, and osteoporosis. She shares compelling patient stories, including a 74-year-old man who experienced remarkable health improvements after starting hormone therapy.Dr. Erika's practice, located on Madison Avenue in New York City, serves patients globally through telemedicine, ensuring consistent and personalized care. She emphasizes the importance of a proactive approach to health, starting from a young age, and the benefits of regular check-ins with healthcare providers. Listeners are encouraged to explore her wealth of resources, including her books, YouTube channel, and TED Talk, available on her website,  ES Health, and social media platforms. This episode is packed with valuable insights and practical advice for anyone looking to optimize their health and longevity.ResourcesDr. Erika Schwartz Evolved Science Publications - Dr. Erika SchwartzThe New Hormone Solution: Schwartz MD, Dr. Erika: 9781682613306: Books\Dr Erika Schwartz - Facebook Dr Erika - Twitter Dr. Erika Schwartz (@drerikaschwartz) • Instagram photos and videos Erika Schwartz, MD - New York, New York, United States | Professional Profile | LinkedIn  Erika Schwartz MD - YouTube 
  • Exploring Meditative Martial Arts with Jeff Patterson

    In this enriching episode of REJUVENAGING with Dr. Ron Kaiser, Dr. Ron introduces listeners to Jeff Patterson. Jeff is the founder of Northwest Fighting Arts and the Portland Tai Chi Academy. With over 36 years of experience practicing and teaching meditative martial arts, Jeff delves deep into the concept of the Yielding Warrior, a unique approach that integrates physical, mental, and emotional yielding to help individuals become better versions of themselves.Jeff explains how yielding in the martial arts context means redirecting force rather than confronting it head-on, and how this principle also applies to mental and emotional realms.He outlines various meditative practices, including sitting, standing, and walking meditations, Tai Chi, Qigong, and yogic postures. He stresses the importance of turning inward, maintaining a daily practice, and the evolving nature of meditative arts.Jeff highlights the benefits of a consistent meditative practice, such as improved physical health, mental clarity, emotional stability, and overall well-being. He advises listeners to start with practices that resonate personally, whether it's sitting meditation, Tai Chi, or Qigong, and emphasizes the adaptability of meditative practices to suit individual lifestyles and goals.In his conversation with Dr. Ron, Jeff discusses how different groups, including those struggling to relax, athletes, older adults, and children, can benefit from meditative practices. He provides examples and anecdotes to illustrate the transformative power of these practices.Jeff also talks about his book, "The Yielding Warrior," and his online programs. Listeners can access these resources to start their own meditative journey by visiting episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to enhance their mental, physical, and emotional well-being through the meditative arts.Resources:Northwest Fighting ArtsPortland Tai Chi Academy   Buy "The Yielding Warrior" on Amazon The Yielding Warrior The Yielding Warrior by Jeff Patterson - Audiobook - Audible.comJeff Patterson - Owner - Northwest Fighting Arts | LinkedIn
  • Managing Digital Overconsumption: A Conversation with Jennie Ketcham Crooks

    This episode of REJUVENAGING with Dr. Ron Kaiser features Jennie Ketcham Crooks, founder of the West Coast Anxiety Clinic and author of the upcoming book "LOOK UP: The 30 Day Path to Digital Minimalism and Real Life Maximalism." Jennie, a clinical licensed social worker and an anxiety and OCD specialist, shares her insights into the pervasive issue of digital overconsumption and its impact on our mental health and relationships.Jennie and Dr. Ron discuss how her book guides readers through 30 days of evidence-based interventions designed to help manage and reduce out-of-control digital consumption. The conversation covers the addictive nature of digital devices, the psychological effects of constant digital engagement, and the importance of mindful usage. She emphasizes the significance of understanding the function of digital behavior and creating present-moment awareness to make more intentional choices.Throughout the episode, Jennie offers practical advice on managing digital habits, such as documenting phone usage, implementing rules around screen time, and using mindfulness practices like "point and call" to reduce autopilot behavior. She discusses the importance of modeling healthy digital behavior for children and the benefits of reducing digital consumption for older adults to improve social connections and overall well-being.Listeners will gain valuable insights into the impact of digital overuse on anxiety and OCD, and they will learn actionable strategies to foster healthy relationships with technology. Jennie's compassionate and evidence-based approach provides a roadmap for anyone looking to balance their digital life with meaningful real-world connections.Tune in to learn more about Jennie's strategies for managing digital overconsumption, her work at the West Coast Anxiety Clinic, and her valuable insights on living a more connected, meaningful life beyond the screen.Resources:West Coast Anxiety ClinicJennie Ketcham Crooks - Greater Seattle Area | Professional Profile | LinkedInJennie Ketcham Crooks (@becomingjennie) • Instagram photos and videos     
  • Navigating Successful Aging and Caregiving with Ron Roel

    Episode Summary:In this episode of REJUVENAGING with Dr. Ron Kaiser , we are joined by Ron Roel, a veteran writer, speaker, and radio show host who specializes in successful aging strategies. Ron brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in providing useful information, pragmatic solutions, and compelling stories to help people explore rewarding experiences throughout their lifespan. He shares insights from his book, "Caregiving Navigator," which offers a comprehensive guide for family caregivers, particularly those on Long Island but applicable to people everywhere.Ron discusses his career journey, including his time as a writer and editor at Newsday, where he founded Act 2, a section for readers aged 50 and above. He also hosts a national internet radio show called "45 Forward," which explores a wide range of topics each week to help people prepare for their journey through the second half of life.Throughout the episode, Dr. Ron and Ron emphasize the importance of healthy living, including exercise, nutrition, cognitive engagement, and social connections. Ron provides practical advice on how to maintain vitality and joy as we age and addresses the challenges and strategies involved in caregiving. He  highlights the need for self-care among caregivers and the importance of building a support network.Listeners will gain valuable insights into aging well, preventing health decline, and effectively navigating the caregiving journey. Ron's expertise and compassionate approach offer inspiration and guidance for anyone looking to enhance their quality of life and support their loved ones through the aging process.Resources: Roel ResourcesCaregiving Navigator Book45 Forward on Apple Podcasts45 Forward | Podcast on Spotify Ron Roel - President - Roel Resources | LinkedIn   45 Forward: Your Source for Successful Aging - YouTube Roel Resources LLC FacebookRonRoel (@RoelResources) / X 
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    In this insightful episode of REJUVENAGING with Dr. Ron Kaiser, guest Don Gleason, President of Achieve New Heights, delves deeply into the complexities of life transitions. With a rich background spanning 42 years in military, corporate, and entrepreneurial roles, Don shares valuable lessons on finding one's passion and direction during significant life changes. He discusses his journey, including his transformative experiences in the military and his decision to help others find their path as they transition to new stages of life.Don explores the unique challenges faced by veterans when transitioning to civilian life and extends his insights to anyone experiencing career changes or approaching retirement. He emphasizes the importance of identifying what truly motivates and excites us, drawing on personal anecdotes and his professional coaching practices.The conversation also touches on the psychological and emotional aspects of transitions, highlighting how individuals can manage their expectations and navigate changes more smoothly. Don provides practical advice for anyone looking to redefine their life's work or find new meaning after major life milestones. Listeners will find Don's approach to coaching through transitions especially relevant, as it focuses on self-discovery and leveraging internal passions to create a fulfilling and energized life, even post-career. This episode is not only a resource for those directly facing transitions but also offers universal insights beneficial for anyone looking to understand more about living purposefully and embracing change with enthusiasm.Resources: For more info on Dr. Ron:
  • Work-Life Balance with Dr. Ron Kaiser

    In a solo episode of REJUVENAGING with Dr. Ron Kaiser. Dr. Ron delves into the crucial concept of work-life balance. He emphasizes the significance of maintaining equilibrium between work, family life, and self-care throughout one's lifespan. He states that allowing work to consume all aspects of life can be detrimental to mental health and overall well-being.To counteract this imbalance, he describes the concept of the "Non-negotiable 4r" activities: healthy eating; owning your body through exercise, proper sleep, and meditation; keeping the brain active, and staying socially connected.  He stresses the importance of scheduling time for these activities, as they contribute to a holistic sense of well-being and prevent self-neglect.Furthermore, Dr. Ron discusses the transition to retirement and the importance of maintaining a balance between work and self-care even in this phase of life. He advocates for staying involved in meaningful activities that contribute to society and help combat the fear of losing relevance.In conclusion, he emphasizes to listeners the importance of taking control of their work-life balance rather than allowing it to be controlled by the course of events.For more info on Dr. Ron:
  • 225. Decoding Wisdom with Dr. Laura Gabayan: Insights from the Frontier of Psychology and Philosophy

    In this thought-provoking episode of REJUVENAGING with Dr. Ron Kaiser, Dr. Laura Gabayan eloquently details her journey as an esteemed emergency medicine physician who has become a passionate researcher exploring the multifaceted concept of wisdom. Prompted by her own health struggles, Dr. Laura initiated a groundbreaking research endeavor known as the Wisdom Project, where she conducted extensive interviews with 60 individuals recognized for their wisdom. This in-depth study led to the identification of eight fundamental elements of wisdom: Resilience, Kindness, Positivity, Virtue, Humility, Tolerance, Creativity, and Curiosity.Throughout the episode, Dr. Laura delves into the insights she gathered during her research, which she has meticulously compiled in her book titled "Common Wisdom." She articulates how wisdom transcends conventional boundaries such as age, race, political ideology, and gender, and is instead more intricately linked to how individuals approach life's challenges, their interactions with others, and their personal growth.Dr. Laura elaborates on the practical applications of her findings, suggesting that a deeper understanding and integration of these elements can both enhance personal contentment and also foster a more harmonious society. She encourages listeners to reflect on these dimensions of wisdom and consider how they might actively incorporate them into their everyday lives to promote their own development and a deeper sense of purpose.The conversation also touches on the societal implications of wisdom, with Dr. Laura positing that fostering these traits from a young age could lead to profound societal benefits. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in personal development, the science of human behavior, and the philosophical underpinnings of what it means to live a wise and fulfilling life.ResourcesDr. Laura Gabayan - WebsiteCommon Wisdom Book – Dr. Laura Gabayan, MD, MSLaura Gabayan (@l.gabayan) • InstagramCommon Wisdom Book - FacebookTikTok - Dr. Laura GabayanLaura Gabayan - YouTubeCommon Wisdom - LinkedIn
  • 224. Transforming Aging: Innovation and Opportunity with Dr. Jim Firman

    In this episode of REJUVENAGINGⓇ with Dr. Ron Kaiser, we are joined by Dr. Jim Firman, a trailblazer in the field of aging and the founder and Chief Innovation Officer at BetterAge. With a career spanning over four decades, Jim has dedicated himself to enhancing the quality of life for older adults. He shares his profound insights and experiences, including his leadership roles and the impactful programs he helped create during his 25 years as President and CEO of the National Council on Aging.He discusses the development of significant initiatives such as the Benefits Checkup, a free online tool that has assisted millions of seniors in accessing benefits, and the Aging Mastery Program, designed to empower older adults with knowledge and skills across various aspects of life. Jim’s narrative is enriched with personal stories that shaped his passion for aging issues, including the influence of his grandparents and his early ventures into social entrepreneurship during his college days.Throughout the episode, Jim articulates the evolving challenges faced by an aging population in a world unprepared for its growing numbers. He emphasizes the need for innovative solutions and societal shifts to better support this demographic, detailing BetterAge’s vision and strategy to address these needs through technology and community engagement.This episode not only celebrates Jim Firman’s contributions and the transformative work of BetterAge but also serves as a motivational dialogue on rethinking aging, fostering a society that values and supports its elderly members more effectively. Dr. Ron and Dr. Jim’s conversation offers valuable perspectives on proactive living, the importance of holistic health, and the societal benefits of nurturing an environment where older adults can thrive.Resourceshttps://www.betterage.net